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Seeker33 Mini Tournaments


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Hi everyone, I'm back, after a failure type tournament 2 I created was withdrawn since I wasn't allowed to go on the TCG for weeks, I Have returned. the game crash update I had is fixed, I will be hosting mini tournaments in the forum, Here are the rules, each player that is entering will be paying 1 pack to enter the current tournament unless the entry fee is free or entry fee may be different that I will be hosting, the paid packs/fees by players will be used for prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners. each mini tournament will be hosted every week or 2 weeks. All tournaments will have 4 or 8 or 16 player formats with different rulings for the tournaments. each player that wins the current tournament will have their name in the hall of fame. if that player wins any of the other tournaments I will be hosting more than once, they will receive prizes from the host. (that is me)




The first mini tournament I will be hosting is today at 23.30 15/11/13



if any players want to enter sign in here (max 16:)



Tournament ruling for Mini Tourney 1 are announced.

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Here is the list of Tournament I will be hosting in different days and different format and gameplay.




Tournament Name:

Entry fee:

Tournament Rulings:


Max Players:

Date and time to start:

Winner of tournament:

1st mini tournament starting


No Exs, Modified format only, no prizes in 1st tournament


8 players

15/11/13 23:30 GMT +0


Mini tournament 2

1 rare Card

Unlimited, single type decks only


8/16 players


23.00 GMT +0


Brute force mini tournament

1 rare card

Modified, no exs, no deck changes


4/8 players

17/11/13 21:00



Quick round mini tournament

1 rare card

Modified, up to 3 exs, no deck changes


4/16 players

N/A Delayed

Team plasma mini tournament


Modified, deck must contain 3 or more team plasma cards

Swiss round

4 or more players


No rules mini tournament




2 or more players





I will be hosting the tournament in the battle challenge lobby at the date and time on the tournament table.

Some tournaments I will be hosting may be delayed or cancelled.

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N/A means that I don't know what date and time I will be hosting that tourney, and also I cannot host any tournaments this Saturday. also you can enter if you keep checking what date that tourney will be hosted and see if it is a good time for you, if yes you can enter.

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Due to maintenance, the quick round tournament will be hosted someday during next week, I will host that tournament as soon as possible when I have enough time online, date and time will be unknown.

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