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Improper Textures and Application Freeze with Energy Retrieval


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Client Ver: 1.14.42:57 [Mac]

Card: Energy Retrieval (from Solar Strike theme deck)

Expected: Use of energy retrieval lets me pull up to two basic energy from my discard pile.

Actual: The discard pile window opened up to nothing but a sea of improper yellow/green textures. (See http://i42.tinypic.com/30ttqn4.png) This window briefly allowed interaction--I could scroll and select the basic energy click targets that weren't visible to me--but then soon became unwilling to allow me to close the window or forfeit the match. Shortly after that, the entire application became unresponsive and had to be force quit.

Repro: Playing against bot Zach in Platinum-Beginner Trainer Challenge and using Solar Strike theme deck. Took 3 prizes to his 2. Haven't been able to consistently make this happen so I have no reliable repro steps, just what I know of my game state at that time.

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Hi TheTwan,


I have a couple of questions regarding this issue. Do you have the latest video drivers installed, and does your graphics card meet the minimum system requirements for the game? (You can find those on the FAQ page under "How Do I Install/Uninstall the Pokémon TCG Online for Mac?")


Also, if you could take a screenshot if you experience this again, that would be incredibly helpful.


Thanks for your report!

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