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[Bug] Game not recognizing that energy is attached


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Deck: Fennekin

Active pokemon: Pansear

Issue: Can't attack because game doesn't seem to recognize I have attached an energy

Move: Collect


Did a quick ctrl + find in the known bugs thread and scanned the bug reports, and didn't find this listed.


I went to start a new game in the trainer challenge (Gold league vs. Grayson), but found that after attaching an energy to my active pokemon, the option to use Collect wouldn't come up even though I had an energy attached. I tried undoing and redoing the action to see if it would work with a different kind of energy, but it didn't seem to make a difference. When I hover over the card, the energy is shown, but the option to use a move doesn't come up either on the right side bar or on the card itself.


Since they aren't visible in the screenshot, the opponent's active pokemon was Electrike, and benched are Shinx and Joltik.


There were also some graphical errors present, which are shown below.


Here is a screenshot:





UPDATE: Retreating first turn, then retreating again and sending Pansear back out with another energy fixed the issue, and I am able to use Collect on my third turn.

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stupid question but could it be that you started first and that's why you couldn't attack? new rules state that player who starts first cannot attack on first turn. Based on the screen shot you gave it seems to show that your opponent hasn't done anything which leads me to believe this is the case.

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Hm. Wasn't aware of that, when did that change? I did start first, so I guess that must be it.


Kind of a silly rule change IMO, but okay then. *shrug*

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