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I need ideas for a good keldeo ex deck

Guest jasonjasonlin

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Guest jasonjasonlin

I'm thinking of a deck that involves blastoise deluge and keldeo ex and that includes super scoop up and scoop up cyclone please list a complete deck thank you in advance

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Maybe try this and tweak as necessary:


3 Keldeo EX (as requested)

3 Blastoise (as requested)

1 Wartortle (because Blastoise was requested)

4 Squirtle (because Blastoise was requested)

1 Exeggcute (to discard for ultra and superior retrievals. aside from virbank/laser, unlikely to be knocked out turn 1 and can be retrieved with scoop up cyclone if needed)

1 Jirachi (for more consistent supporters, can be picked up by scoop up cyclone if needed)

2 Black Kyurem EX (for KO-ing 180 hp EX)

= 15 Pokemon


1 Scoop Up Cyclone

= 1 Ace Spec (as requested)


3 Tropical Beach

= 3 Stadium (because can't attack if starting first, and almost impossible to attack on first turn anyways)


4 Juniper (quick hang refresh/reload)

4 N (quick hand refresh/reload + potential life saver when on losing end)

3 Skyla (for beach and candy)

= 11 Supporters


3 Tool Scrapper (g booster and garbodor)

4 Rare Candy (because Blastoise was requested)

1 Energy Search (in case u don't find the lightning for Black Kyurem EX)

3 Superior Retrievals (to rinse and repeat Black Ballista)

1 Retrieval (for mini rinse and repeat)

1 Switch (just in case god forbid something bad happened)

1 Float Stone (just in case god forbid something bad happened)

1 Level Ball (for more squirtles but can also get Jirachi/exeggcute)

1 Heavy ball (for Black Kyurem EX / Blastoise)

2 Ultra Ball (For keldeo EX or anything else)

= 19 Trainers


9 Water (for everyone)

3 Lightning (For Black Kyurem EX)

= 12 Energy



hope my math is correct and this does total to 60

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if you plan to put in lasers then run virbank, if not I think pokemon center might be helpful, protects your Jirachi/Egg/others from stuff like Darkrai/Plasma Kyurem


could potentially switch Black Kyurem with just more Keldeo or Mewtwo and eliminate the need for lightning energy, then you'll have more water energy to spare and retrievals won't be that important either


without beach it might be worth adding more Ultraball/Skyla/Blastoise to improve your odds of getting turn 2 Blastoise

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