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Crash upon launching (Refresher of no help)


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For reference, this is happening on a Mac.


Upon opening the game, a window pops up:

"Restore Windows

The application "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online" unexpectedly quit while trying to restore its windows. Do you want to try to restore its windows again?"


This usually happens if I had force quitted last time, which I didn't do. I also haven't been on for a few days now.

When I choose "Don't Restore Windows" it simply closes. When I choose "Restore Windows," it immediately crashes, opening the report window.

Then it started skipping that window all together and would just crash, opening the report window.

Opening the Refresher (which, by the way, has looked like this for a very long time now) would start up and quickly load, but once play is clicked, the game crashes before it can launch.

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Give this a shot:


1. Force quit TCGO.


2. Create a new window in the Finder and select the Go menu. In the Go menu, hold down the option key and select the Library menu.


3. Once you are in the Library, look for a folder named "Saved Application State" and open it.


4. Inside of this folder you should see .savedState folders. See if there is one for Pokemon The Trading Card Game Online, if so, delete it and empty your trash.


5. Launch TCGO.

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Thank you so much! I went into the Library folder and after deleting the folders, the Refresher worked fine and the game launched correctly! (The Refresher still has an odd icon, though)

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