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Latios/Blastoise Deck


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Hello everyone, I'm pretty new when it comes to Poke TGC, I used to collect but just recently started getting into the game, I've been working on my WP deck for awhile now. Though I could use some suggestions on it to improve it.


Latios EX x2

Blastoise x2 (Deluge)

Wartortle x1

Squirtle x3

Gothitelle x2 (Doom Decree, Black Magic)

Gothorita x1

Gothita x3

Suicune x1 (SafeGaurd)


Rare Candy x3

Bianca x2

N x3

Energy Retrieval x3

Superior Energy Retrieval x1

Energy Search x2

Colress x2

Ultra Ball x4

Cilan x2

Cheren x1

Skyla x1

Pokemon Communication x2

Switch x2

Scoop Up Cyclone (Aspec)


Double Colorless x1

Water x8

Physic x7



Feedback would be great!

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gothitelle (especially the doom decree one) doesn't add to much to the deck, plus having 2 stage 2s is not a good idea. cutting gothitelle line will allow a lower psychic energy count and increase water energy.

more superior retrivals might be needed to ensure sufficient damage each turn

more tool scrappers to counter garbodor

needs juniper

max potion could work well here

needs stadiums (frozen city will wreck you)

to make the deck elligible for modified format maybe change communication

laser to maybe help finish off those with more than 150 hp

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I usually use Gothy for Black Magic, not a main player or anything but she's great when the players stack their bench. I actually usually have a problem with losing physic energy by the end of my Latios/Blastoise combo.


The stadium thing I totally understand, I do need to get stadiums in there, I just recently took cards that weren't in black & white out of the deck. I just need some good stadium cards that would fit well.


I actually don't really feel I need potion in there, usually the only time I really need to heal my poke's is when latios is badly damaged, but that why I have Scoop up Cyclone is so I can use that then bring in my next latios or something.

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i believe its only the communicator that isn't modified friendly so if that was taken out it'd be modified friendly.


to attack every turn with latios I would imagine that you're discarding 2 water and 1 psychi per attack, in which case you should be losing water faster than psychic?


yea the idea for max potion is because it would work well with latios since after every attack you will have no energy on latios anyways so max potion can be used with no consequence. the hope was that if max potion can take over scoop up cyclone's job then u can free up the ace spec slot for something more useful like a dowsing to get another retrieval or scrapper or something.

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The thing with losing more psychic energy is because using energy retrieval I'm able to get my water energy back, since I don't need as much psychic, but yeah having more water energy would be nice.


I really like that max potion strategy, I'll make sure to definitely get some of those in there.

I'll try taking Gothitelle, but seems to be really good in my deck sometimes.


For stadiums, do you have any suggestions on stadiums that would be good?

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yes i can understand the purpose for gothitelle, but the effort it will take to set her up will often take too much time


for stadiums i think ideal card would be tropical beach but if thats no good i think something like virbank city gym, pokemon center or even twist mountain would do, main idea is not to give your opponent the frozen city advantage

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Okay, yet again I'll try it without her, any good replacments or shall I just scrap the Psy Poke and replace it with Trainers and or Energy, I do really want those max potions in my deck. I'll start searching for stadiums.

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