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My Card's For New Pack's


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I'm Looking For More Purely New Pack's *Legendary Treasure* Just For Now.

I Only Offer All These Just A Few Days Or Till I Get Enough Of LT Packs.


I'll Just Quote A Few High Demand Card's & Some Newer Card's Like Legendary Treasure,

If You Need Anything Else Just Post Here Or Just Send Offer To Me Straight.


I Wont Able To Received / Send Friend Req / Message Someone , Since I'm Muted left 2 More Days.


Not Everything Is Tag In Binder Since The Lock Card Still Have Problem Tagging For Trade.

So Just Post Here What You Wanted For Your LT Packs.




Below Are A Few Cards I Quote .


-Tropical Beach 2012 : 35

-Tropical Beach 2011 : 38

-Darkrai Ex Full Art : 10

-Mewtwo Ex Full Art : 9

-Zoroark Promo Black & White 9 : 150

-Zekrom Secret Rare Full Art Gold : 14

-Reshiram Secret Rare Full Art Gold : 14

-Chandelure Ex Normal Art : 5

-Excadrill Ex Normal Art : 4

-Meloetta Ex Normal Art : 2

-Meloetta Ex Full Art : 3

-Reshiram Full Art Non Gold ( LT ) : 2

-Shaymin Ex Full Art ( LT ) : 4

-Mew Ex Full Art ( LT ) : 4

-Darkrai Normal Art ( LT ) : 5

-Mewtwo Normal Art ( LT ) : 4

-N Full Art : 12

-Skyla Full Art : 6

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Very Hard To Trade Thanks To The Muted Thing And The Cards That Have Lock Icon Below I Still Can't Tag For Trade.

Hope So That Tag For Trade Thingy Will Get Fixed Soooooooon.


Please Close This Thread.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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