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THE Card Catcher Black & White .


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Card Catcher (Black & White), was changed because of the new collection X & Y Kalos!



Please Help to correct the mistake!!



The card Catcher is one of the most used in the world. Now becomes a horrible letter.



Original Text. !! Black & White



Switch your opponent's Active Pokémon with 1 of his or her Benched Pokémon.



New text. !! Kalos Trash.



Flip a coin. If heads, switch 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon with his or her Active Pokémon.

Please help return the original text !!!


I use 4 in my deck !!!



Let's help a Pokemon TCG Online Best!!



Further expansions really are horrible with no new playable.



We want better cards. no more repeated letters.

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there was a change announced in the rules for the trading card game, all pokemon catchers now will require a flip regardless of whether you have the old one or the new one.




the benefit with playing the online game is they could manipulate the text easily to prevent confusion to new players.

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It prevents benched basic-Pokemon that still have to evolve to be easy KO's, (space) EX Pokemon dominate the meta enough already, the evolving basics should get a little bit of a chance. Especially with EX cards getting their own evolutions as well.

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You saw the finals of the world championship . The card catcher, is present in all decks champions 2013 . All champions play with cards ex . you come and tell me to encourage evolutions . you play with evolutions . Campaign Pokemon TCG. Return the catcher Champion.

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Hello trainers,


As this is not a bug, I'll be closing this thread. Thanks for your understanding!


PS - If you look at your catcher cards in zoom view you will see that there is a note of Errata at the top of the card with the date when the card was errata'ed.

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