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legendary deck


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This is mine Excadrill isn't legendary but that's the only one that isn't, definetly make soime changes but it has worked awesome for me Please don't use my exact deck, but this is an idea

Non-Ex Pokémon 1 of each

Yveltal (Oblivion Wing)

Black Kyurem (FlashFreeze)

Rayquaza (DragonPulse)

Terrakion (Retaliate)

Genesect( Jet Impact)

Giratina (Shadow Claw)

Suicune (Safeguard)

EX pokemon 1 of each

Xerneas EX

Mew EX

Excadrill EX

Kyurem EX (Hail Blizzard)

Mewtwo EX

Shaymin EX

Heatran EX


2 Dual ball

2 Full heal FONT]

1 Master ball

2 Potion

1 Town Map

2 Cilan

1 Engineer’s adjustments

2 Fisherman

2 Prof Oak new theory

1 Skyla


2 Dark

2 Fairy

3 Fighting

3 Fire

3 Grass

2 Lighting

4 Psychic

3 Water

1 G/F/P/D blend energy

1 L/S/W/F blend energy


2 PLasma

2 Prism

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