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LF deck help.


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Ok, so I have been Re- making my own deck and habitually try to build it around Flareon.

But maybe I should try something different this time.

I have good trainer cards such as N, Juniper, Cilan, Skyla and Bianca. I also have ultra balls, heavy balls, Comp.Search, level balls, energy retrievals, super rods, float stones and switchcards.

I have many differentpokemon, including:

Zekrom , Reshiram, White Kyurem, Zorua, Zoroark, & Plasma’s Weavile.

I cant name all my cards but I have several theme decks.

Basic Blue

Basic Red

Explosive Edge

Voltage Vortex

Cold Fire

Furious Knights


Basic Orange deck. lol

I don’t know if any of this even helps but I was wonderingif anyone could start giving me tips or ideas on deck building.

I’ll use any of the pokemon I have, and will answer allquestions I receive (if any). Im stillkinda new to this, ya know?

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limit stage 2 pokemon to just 1 family, and if you do run them be sure to run 3+ rare candy

try to stick to a ratio of 15/30/15 for pokemon/trainer/energy

N and Juniper should be at least 3 and 3

keep energy types to 2 at most

consider weaknesses of deck and add in counters as necessary

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Ideally what you should do is choose one Pokemon and build a deck that specifically supports it and makes it optimal.


For your Flareon deck, for example, you'd generally want to run cards like Cofagrigus with Six Feet Under, Audino with Busy Body, and Ditto, since all of them help you get multiple Pokemon in the discard pile so Flareon's Vengeance does maximum damage.


It's never a good idea to just throw in a bunch of random Pokemon that, while they may be good on their own, don't synergize together.


On a side note, you should redeem the code "LegendaryTreasures" (one word, without the quotes). It gives you a deck with cards like Double Colorless Energy and Level Ball, and you can redeem the code multiple times so you have four copies of everything.

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whoa! I just made a crazy deck earlier and recently won in a battle with it at the very last second. I was literally shaking over it. the deck may need tweaking though. :/

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