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So i have been messing around with this healing deck in novice and just now in expert which it won against a Mewtwo build but i wouldn't say it was a very strong one. It pretty much is setup to heal off almost all damage put on the field each turn or come very close to doing so. It utilizes Cherrim Fair Weather Heal Ability, Serperior's Royal Heal Ability, 4 potions and a gold potion and Pokemon Center Stadium. So with the ideal setup i try to have 2 Serperior and 2 Cherrim going and Attack with Tropius and Virizion (double Draw). Before i even touch a potion thats a potential 80 damage removed from the field per turn which i have found to be quite useful so far testing at a low level.


So the problem now is my best shot for a big attack is Tropius which is how i handled the mewtwo in the match i mentioned above. Mewtwo with 3 energy and Tropius with 2 allowed a hit for 80 and with use of Virbank/Lasers made the damage 110 and sleep some times. While this is nice this doesn't quite get it done all the time because it takes a lot of variables to work like this. So i am basically looking for a good attacker to put in this and i have tried Mewtwo and didn't quite like the results. I debated Genesect but it's 3 energy attack cost i found slowed the deck down quite a bit. So if anyone has any suggestions for others to try in a main attacking role in this deck i am all ears. Here is the list i run below.


Cherubi (ps) - x2

Cherrim (ps) - x2

Snivy (bc) - x3

Servine (bc) - x1

Serperior (drx) - x3

Tropius (pb) - x2

Virizion (pb) - x2



N - x3

Juniper - x2

Skyla - x3

Colress - x2

Giant Cape - x2

Virbank Gym - x1

Pokemon Center - x1

Tool Scrapper - x1

Switch - x3

Super Rod - x2

Rare Candy - x3

Potion - x4

Catcher - x2

Hypnotoxic Laser - x3

Gold Potion - x1



Grass Energy - x10

Double Colorless - x2


I have also debated increasing the Cherrim line to 3-3 but not sure, any other suggestions please post them as well.

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healing decks in general shouldn't be too bad I think, the main problem with those decks is mainly the fact that there are attacks that can do 1 hit knockouts like Keldeo/Black Kyurem/PF Kyurem not to mention the pokemons that would deal double damage from weakness. couple things i would be thinking of changing in this deck.......

1. mr mime might help with darkrai matchups, easier if u only have to focus on 1 pokemon to heal

2. more scrappers will probably be necessary since abilities are quite important here

3. not sure if giant cape helps that much the stuff that go down in 1 hit will still go down in 1 hit, and the ones that go down in 2 still go down in 2 in most cases.

4. when u say virizion (pb) are you talking about the secret rare virizion or the virizion ex? I'm gonna assume its the secret rare since u said u had trouble charging up genesects, in which case I would say virizion ex is probabaly more useful, helps charge up your pokemon and protects them from status effects, which'll could the difference of whether u survive.

5. I'm not really seeing the need for dce in this deck, none of these pokemon look like they would benefit from it.

6. would like to see more level balls since it can get cherubi/cherrim/snivy/servine

7. probably could add more juni and N

8. switch might not be that necessary given most pokemon in the list don't have heavy retreat and you've got super rod to get them back and if u add in virizion ex they're unlikely to be stuck in active position.

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Thanks for the response, the DCE i forgot to drop. I initially intended for Beedrill to be in the deck but found Serperior to be a better option with the extra healing power. So im going to drop those, perhaps replace them with prism energy and add Keldeo which will also help with poison and retreat. Giant cape has had some decent success preventing OHKO's when it wasn't tool scrapped away. Perhaps drop one for a Mr. Mime, ill be trying that out in a bit. I think your right about the Switch to, maybe go with float stone instead. I found myself actually not using the switch sometimes just to discard the energy to reduce how hard the Mewtwo was hitting back. These are great suggestions though, thanks a ton and ill update progress and the list later.

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prism only works on basic pokemon so its actually not that versatile for you situation.

you wouldn't need keldeo ex if you've got virizion ex, but i suppose keldeo could come in handy as a counter when facing fire.

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Yeah i was thinking the prism specifically for the keldeo so in the instant i need it to do more then the 60-80 damage i mentioned it could come through for 110 and with a virbank laser 140 if it plays out right. I am debating several major overhauls to this deck right now, hopefully the game comes back on in a few hours and stays on no more issues lol!

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I think it's better u only focus on healing skill rather than u combining with the poison card, put virizion ex for countering the poison and use reiniculus for the damage swap, for the main fortress attack that can be handled by the virizion of wallop skill and cresellia

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Interesting heal idea. i've played around with heal before. I used serperior, landorus, mewtwo, tornadus, reuniculus and max potion and festival.

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hello if you want a very good self heal deck i'd recommend making a cresselia/serperior royal heal deck it's good at self healing then you give your cresselia a evolite. can be slow but cresselia is very strong if able to get him up no weakness and decent dmg.

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My favorite deck that I play right now is a heal deck. It's a Crustle, Serperior, Reuniclus, with a Mr. Mime and Virizion EX for support. Basically, the idea is to never let your opponent take a prize card. Crustle's attack is pretty decent and his ability is outrageous. I haven't had much trouble playing it, but it's kinda slow to set up. The best part is when you do get it set up b/c your opponent can literally do nothing. I actually run Rock Guard to literally guard against anything. If you're going to attack Crustle, then I might as well penalize you for it. I've gotten several KOs from Rock Guard. If you guys think of a strategy (other than Garbotoxin: I run 3 Scrapper), that would mess up this deck, then let me know. It's still in the testing phase, so I'm looking for suggestions. Thanks. Good luck and God bless!!

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Your deck seems well built but how bout' some defense? Druddigons rough skin ability makes him very hard to knockout and dealing heavy damage. Good luck!

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