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Battle Frontier


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Hello everyone. I am looking to create a Battle Frontier here on the PTCGO. Here's how it will work. There will be three different types of battle challenges (i.e. Battle Tower, Battle Castle, etc.) every two months. Then they (along with prizes) will be rotated out. This will be a very simple challenging post. The only limit to battles is that decks must be modified. Some battle formats may have deck limitations. There will be challengers and leaders (and possibly battle masters). Each battle will give you Bp based on win/loss, Battle style, and Battle number (i.e. Win-2 Bp, Battle Tower Bonus- 1 Bp, Battle # bonus (3 battles)- 3 Bp for a total of 6 Bp). Bp will be calculated after you either lose, or beat the entire Battle style (Castle, tower, etc.). Here is how to know what deck you are facing: for the Environment Battle, the environments should give you a clue to as what you are facing/building (for example: Stormfront: lightning, darkness, wind...you get the idea). The description of a level of challenge only applies to the leader, although, challengers may not exceed the maximum limit that the leaders face. For example, if you are doing Trainer Stadium, you may not have more than 6 Legendaries because that is the maximum allowed to the leader. Decks may not be changed during your challenge of a Stadium. Leaders must try their best to stick to their types! Currently, I am looking for challengers, leaders, and prize donors (prizes will change each month based off of donations...yes, there will be recognition for the top 3 donors every month). Leaders may only lead two different battles. Leaders may also challenge. So, after that being said, here are the three Battle Stadiums for this month:


-Environmental Battle - Bonus: 2 Bp for every battle you win

  • Battle One - Forest - Leader: ---
  • Battle Two - Ocean - Leader: ---
  • Battle Three - Volcano - Leader: ---
  • Battle Four - Stormfront - Leader: ---
  • Battle Five - Desert - Leader: Dr. Professor
  • Stadium Champion - Mystic Elements (dark, psychic, etc.) - Leader: ---


-Tower Battle - Bonus: 1 Bp for every battle you win

*Decks get progressively harder as you go up.

  • Battle One - One EX - Leader: ---
  • Battle Two - Two EX - Leader: ---
  • Battle Three - Three EX - Leader: Dr. Professor
  • Battle Four - Four EX - Leader: ---
  • Battle Five - Five EX - Leader: ---
  • Stadium Champion - No limits - Leader: jasonjasonlin (pending)


-Trainer Battle - Bonus: .5 Bp for every battle you participate in

*Decks (both leader and challenger) may not contain EXs, Pokemon Catcher, Rare Candy ,or Hypnotoxic Laser


  • Battle One - Basics (no legendaries) - Leader: ---
  • Battle Two - Stage One's allowed - Leader: ---
  • Battle Three - Stage Two's allowed - Leader: ---
  • Battle Four - Stage Two's must be used along with only 2 Legendaries - Leader: ---
  • Battle Five - Stage Two's must be used along with 4 Legendaries - Leader: ---
  • Stadium Champion - Stage Two's must be used along with 6 Legendaries - Leader: ---



I will update when I get donors.


Please Sign up and participate! I'm looking for challengers and leaders!!!!

Have fun in your quest to master the battle stadiums and win awesome prizes!!!

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I would like to participate in this as challenger and i don't mind to be a leader if you like my style in game :) i would like to chat you in game.. i will add you now :)

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Well, right now, I have zero challengers or leaders, so you guys can be both! Just tell me where you want to lead and I'll sign you up!

*Rule change* Challengers may not request EX-less battles. Just a note. Thought about this the other day, and it seemed like a good idea to change it.

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Guest jasonjasonlin

I want to be the tower battle champion my deck has a lot of ex you can test me by battling me to see if I qualify when I finish my deck

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