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PvP Difficulty Levels


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By no means an original idea, but just wanted to put another vote in for adding more nuanced difficulty levels for PvP matches, and perhaps also descriptions (or even better, limitations) pertaining to what is allowed in each level.


So, for example, you could have:


Novice – Where EXs, Ace Specs, and certain other overpowered cards were not allowed

Intermediate – Where all cards are allowed but people don't expect to come up against tournament-level decks

Expert – For people with tournament-level decks


There could even be space for more distinctions than that. But either way, the current distinction is not working, and the range of abilities / strength of decks you come across in Novice is far too variable and unpredictable. I think it would be great to be able to have a greater proportion of matches which are well-fought.

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fair enough if you want a difficulty with no EX and Ace Specs, but don't go calling them overpowered just because u don't have them or can't deal with them, also I think there is a good proportion of EX and Ace specs that are barely that good anyways. Having said that I can see how its easier to just ban them all. Am curious to know what other cards you consider to be too good.


again the problem with many people when they suggest having a difficulty for "tournament level decks" is that its a very vague statement. How do you define that?

1. if I have an almost identical copy of a blastoise deck but lack the Tropical Beaches which are essential to the deck being good, does that still make it a tournament level deck?

2. If I have a deck with 1 Thundurus, 2 Deoxys, 1PF Kyurem (the 3 main pokemons for the popular TDK deck) does that make my deck "tournament level"? if not how many thundurus/Deoxys/Kyurem does it take to be considered that?


there needs to be a very clear definition if you really want people to make this difficulty


other problem I find with your suggestion is that i believe people with random rogue decks should be allowed to challenge tournament level decks, there are people out there who actually enjoy a bit of a challenge and conversely people playing tournament level decks should not have to be limited to playing other tournament decks.

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Hello trainers,


The development team is currently uninterested in adding another play mode to PvP.


At this time we do not believe that further segmenting the player base by adding another play format would yield a positive result.


Regardless, we thank you for your input! I'll be closing this thread now.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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