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Flareon Deck Help


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I'm making this deck in real life but I test in on here. So Tropical Beach is too expensive for me. My Current Deck list is this. I want to find room for more landorus ex or stonger counters to it. Zoroark is a good counter but Kyurem and Vaporeon are better. I don't know what I should cut to add both or one of them. I was thinking of cutting a drifloon and a drifblim but i dont know which drifblim. I think i would add one of the water pokemon and add an enhanced hammer and cut a plasma blast drifblim or cut a dragons exhalted drifblim and add both water pokemon. Also debating whether to go down to a 1-1 zoroark line or 2-1 for one. Please advise


4 Eevee (Plasma Freeze)

3 Flareon (Plasma Freeze)

1 Leafeon (Plasma Freeze)

4 Drifloon (Plasma Blast)

2 Drifblim (Plasma Blast)

2 Drifblim (Dragons Exhalted)

1 Mr. Mime

1 Stunfisk (Dragons Exhalted)

2 Zorua (Dark Explorers)

2 Zoroark (Next Destinies)

1 Terrakion (Boundaries Crossed)

1 Kecleon


Trainers: 27


1 Computer Search

3 Pokemon Catcher

4 Ultra Ball

2 Ghetsis

2 Switch

1 Super Rod

1 Float Stone

3 Silver Bangle

2 Colress

4 N

4 Juniper



Energy: 9


5 Fighting Energy

4 Double Colorless

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kecleon is probably not a good option when you only run fighting energy


need some scrappers for silver mirror


i think 2-2 is probs a decent zoroark line


I get what stunfisk is there for but I don't think it'll work anywhere as good as terrakion or landorus ex


some sort of stadium counter might still be worth considering


a couple audinos might be worthwhile


with the drifblims probably can reduce either, I think I would go with reducing the shadow steal one, just because the derail one can still be useful against a deck that has no special energy


enhanced hammer is a good thought

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What is a good option to counter mewtwo if kecleon probably is not a good idea.


I might change the stunfisk to a 2nd terrakion when the rule change happens.


What stadium would I run frozen city and if I do What would i drop for it.


I chose not to run audino for space reasons. I might run 1 but I already run 2 switches. If I did decide to run 1 I would probably change one of the switches to a 2nd float stone.


So you agree with cutting to 1-1 drifblims for space thanks for the help hope to hear back

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I to started messing around with this after seeing it on the top cut lol. But anyway i found myself at the same situation as yourself with the Tropical Beach. I found that Random Receiver filled this void quite well i have bounced back and forth between 2 and 3 copies. Being able to get the draw supporter from the deck has vastly improved speed and setup in my testing. Also Maybe cut the Drifblim line down to 3-3 instead, i have found typically i haven't even used it or had many opportunities to really capitalize with it. I found lowering the count of those and using a pokemon like Kyuren (nvi) or Landorus EX or even the Minum from dark explorers. Can hit everything on your opponents side for 10 damage and if ever not worth it or have a full bench Juniper or Ultra Ball it away to charge up Flareon's attack. Hope you find a mix that works better, i have had quite a bit of fun tweaking this deck!

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