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Twist Mountain


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When using Twist Mountain in my Aerodactyl deck it sometimes bugs and if i flip heads even with space on the bench it crashes, This has happened twice out of about 20~ games, if freezes both timers and everything on the game works (e.g zooming in) but the game can not progress as well as the Concede button not working requiring you to Alt-F4 to get out




That is a Screenshot of when it crashed hopefully it can help work out why it freezes


P.S. In that game, my bench was full at one point, it was about to be placed in the last bench spot and my stadiums went:

There Frozen City> My Twist Mountain > There Pokemon Center > My Twist Mountain


Edit: I looked through the forums and people said it was about the last spot, but it did not crash when i tested this in game. However it DID crash when i used twist mountain to place it in last spot after it was full before.

Also i have found out that if you previously filled up your bench and you have spot 1 and 5 open usually if you place it pokemon it will go in spot 1, but it places it in spot 5 instead


Final Edit: I think i know why it crashes. it crash's If the final spot is taken even when i had 2 other spots open it still crashed because that last one was taken

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Hi Tomtoo,


This bug was investigated and fixed a while ago, but it appears to be back! :(

I'll escalate this to the Dev team for review and close your thread in the meantime. If you come across any other bugs, please create a new thread.


Thanks for your report!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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