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Problems Opening The Game


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If anyone there can help me it would be much appreciated, because whenever I open the game the window opens up and starts working normally, but then just freezes in that loading part and never lets me login or anything. Please help :(:confused:

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Hi there,


Mac issue? Is so, please note that a new client is on the way soon! You can read more in the announcement.


In the meantime...


Below you will find a couple of popular tips to help get TCGO up and running.


1. Please attempt to open the download package and drag both the TCGO game executable and the refresher in to your "Applications Folder". Your computer may be trying to run the refresher program from the applications folder. After dragging it there, run the refresher and load TCGO.


2. From your home screen, click on "Go" and look for the "Library" folder. If you do not see it, hold the "ALT / OPTION" key and it should appear. In the Library folder go to the "Saved Application State" folder and find the folders associated with the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online (should be one for the refresher and one for the game itself), delete these files. Try launching the game.


If you're using a PC, please note that we do not yet offer support for Windows 8. :(


If you meet the system requirements for TCGO, please be sure that you have the newest audio and video drivers for your system, downloaded from the manufacturer's website.


The majority of issues are resolved by doing a full uninstall. Unfortunately, the game does not always remove the all of its associated files when it is uninstalled. Reinstalling the game while those files are still present can create a conflict within the program. This is a known issue and the development team is working on a fix for it.


Until the development team can put a fix in place, you can do a "full" uninstall by following the steps below:



  1. Go to the Programs and Features section your computer's Control Panel. Select the game and uninstall it.
  2. Go to the directory where the game was installed. The default directory is C:\Users\your user name\AppData.
  3. The game stores files in the LocalLow and Roaming folders. Go into the LocalLow folder and delete the "The Pok_mon Company International" folder. Go into the Roaming folder and delete the "Pokémon Trading Card Game Online" folder.
  4. Empty your Recycle Bin.


Once you've completed this process, grab the latest installer from http://www.Pokémontcg.com/download and reinstall the game.

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