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Lots of League Cards for Trade!


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Hey people!


I decided to trade my league cards for some playable cards.



I have for trade:



2x League Emolga

6x League Swadloon

2x League Sandslash

8x League Swanna

4x League Venipede

34x League Wailord



3x League Rocky Helmet

4x League Skyla

2x League Full Heal

4x League Heavy Ball

2x League Catcher

1x League N

17x League Super Rod



68x League Water Energy

16x League Metal Energy

4x League Lightning Energy

10x League Grass Energy

4x League Fightning Energy

13x League Darkness Energy

8x League Psychic Energy


Other Stuff:

1x Promo Mewto EX

1x Reverse Absol PF

1x Reverse Umbreon PF

1x Holo Electrode PF

1x Reverse Weavile PF



Mainly I am looking for:

3x Darkrai EX

1x Keldeo EX

1x Energy Switch

4x Dark Patch

2x Dark Claw

1x N


I take other good offers too, so just send me a trade request via PTCGO or just posting here in this thread. ;)

I will check if there are any requests 1-2 times per day.




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