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Wacky decks incorporated.


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I'm quitting this game...

there are more important things for me to pay my attention to right now...

so because of that I'm hoping someone else will make a similar thread to this one and help others to be more creative...

BUt since i can't pass over the rights to eddit my posts I'll be asking the mods to shut this thing down...


aaaaanyways the best to you all... have fun playing maybe we'll meet again some other time.

BTW im giving away all my stuff in a tournament (pvp section) its called "going out with a bang" you guys and galls might wanna consider checking it out...




Hello folks, I am RoyalDuke.

Those of you that already know me, know I don't like playing with or against first tier boring standard decks over and over.

Still I see verry little creativity when i battle on pvp.

For that reason I am creating this thread.

My hope is that if I create lots of fun and or different decks (with your help), more people choose to play with less common decks :)


On this thread I'll be posting deck lists for decks we have thought up.

I would highly appreciate help of all readers concerning deck suggestions, new ideas and whatever you think you should be posted here :)

I will be building all the decks I post here and I'll put in a review for each one, like I said all help is much appreciated and I will try to build every deck suggested.

If I am really happy with a suggestion made by one of you I might give out a prize or something.

of course trading to get the cards I need might take a while and some funds so donations will also be very welcome.


-I'm on Holiday...-

Someone pointed out a way around that pvp - issue I was having, so I'll try to get this show back on the road... it doesn't work 100% of the time though so it may be a bit of a slow start :)

I hope you guys understand...

I added a new section at post #9 please take a look at it I could use some input over there :)

Also added new sections in posts #13 and #15, In post 13 I'm putting decks that didn't make the cut and in post 15 I'm explaining why.

Sincerely, RD

I'm still hoping for the collapsing lists etc option but for now it will have to do...



I'll be deviding my thread into a couple of sections:

1) Modified decks, designed to give first tier deck a run for their money.

2) Modified decks, no ex pokemon, designed to run efficiently but less competitive.

3) Modified decks, just for fun decks, might include exes but only designed for laughs or annoying your opponent.

4) Unlimited decks, truly unlimited, using all cards and creating the best possible combo's of old and new cards.

5) Unlimited decks, using only "old" cards from hgss upto the latest current of format set.

6) Unlimited decks, no ex, no prime and no legends, for when you want to have a game more or less like in the old days.

7) spot reserved for some other category i might think up

8) *Reviews in proggres* Here I share my thoughts on a deck I'm currently working on, I might ask for some opinions or explain my actions concerning the placement of the list.

9) "readers suggestions" Needed cards etc.

10) "Those that did not make the cut."

11) "Reviews of decks that didn't make the cut."

Please take a moment to look at this, if you could trade me any of these cards that would be massively helpful.


Well those are the categorys I got so far, I might be adding 2 more if I think there is need for them.


Legenda / search help

#2 -> Modified decks, designed to give first tier deck a run for their money.

#3 -> Modified decks, no ex pokemon, designed to run efficiently but less competitive.

#4 -> Modified decks, just for fun decks, might include exes but only designed for laughs or annoying your opponent.

#5 -> Unlimited decks, truly unlimited, using all cards and creating the best possible combo's of old and new cards.

#6 -> Unlimited decks, using only "old" cards from hgss upto the latest current of format set.

#7 -> Unlimited decks, no ex, no prime and no legends, for when you want to have a game more or less like in the old days.

#8 -> Untested decks, I can't review and proces all suggestions as fast as I'd like to, but to make sure you don't miss out on anything I'll post any suggestions here so that you can review them for yourselves if you like. Lists will be here only temporary though.

#9 -> *Reviews in progress*.

#10 -> "suggestion box" / creddits

#13 ->"those that did not make the cut" A temporary place for decks that didn't make it for some reason (I explained it there) I'll try to get it on the front page, but I still can't collapse lists so there is no room for it at the moment.

#15 ->"Reviews for decks that didn't make it, here I explain my reasons why a deck got moved to the seccond page.


Other threads I like...

So I saw some other people do this aswell and though, why not incorperate a bit of this here, go through them you might like em...



1) NinetyNinetails' -Pallet town: where decks begin...-


On his tread he gives advise and helps building decks and such, so if you need any help with your decks check that stuff out :)



2) Freespirit87's -The trading card league: battle frontier.-


This is the new version of the old trading card league and it offers an extra challenge for players who seek more in this game...

(also it would be amazing if someone used one of the decks on this thread to win that league :D)


Have you guys got some other great threads everyone should know about? let me know and perhaps I'll share them here!


that will be all for now, I will be editing this for a while before I put up all my lists and such. but please feel free to unleash all your love, hate disagreements and more upon me and ill see if i can make everyone happy :D

Sincerely, Royalduke

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Like the title says, here i will try to create decks that can compete.

After they go out of format I will either delete them or if I'm satisfied with them I'll relocate them to unlimited and maybe tweak them a bit.


Alright lets begin, first deck:


Lugia ex, Deoxys ex, cofagrigus (six ft under).


The plan here is simple set up lugia as quick as possible with some deoxys and a cofagrigus and use them to take out exes as quick as possible.

Using double colorless, colress machine and shadow triad you should be able to attack with lugia on turn 2. Now that plus power is out of format you will probably need an extra boost for lugia to KO an ex with one attack and use its full potential.

This is were cofagrigus comes in. Since most ex pokemon have 170 or 180 hp you will need just a bit more than 3 deoxys on your bench.

With Cofagrigus' ability you will have just enough to finish the job, sacrificing one prize to take 3, not a bad trade in my eyes.

With it comes that if you do use cofagrigus you can use your seccond "pluspower" Iris, not a great supporter in general but it can just give you the edge in this deck when you are falling behind.


Oke enough with the dialoge, the deck list:


Pokémon: (15)


3x Lugia ex

4x deoxys ex

4x yamask

4x cofagrigus (six feet under) Pf #56/116


Supporters: (16)


2 x Colress

1 x Bianca

2 x Iris

2 x N

2 x Juniper

4 x Shadow triad

3 x Skyla


Items: (12)


4 x Colress machine

1 x Computer search

3 x Pokemon catcher

2 x Switch

2 x Plasma ball


Stadiums: (3)


3 x Tropical beach

Pokémon tools: (3)


3 x float stone


Energy: (11)


3 x Psychic

4 x Double colorless

4 x Plasma


Well thats my list, I like it this way, but depending on what you expect you'll have to play you might want to add some tool scrappers.



"anti ex decks" stuff like plasma klang and safeguard decks are ******. lugia beging your main / only attacker will be a big problem when facing opponents playing those decks.

"garbodor decks" this might be a bigger problem with darkrai garbodor on the rise. when your opponent plays a garbodor you are just left with a puny 120 hp attack for which you have to discard a plasma without taking 2 or 3 prices

"silver mirror" speaks for its self, mirror -> no attacking for you ^_^



Articuno / Dusknoir



A fairly simple deck idea, someone gave it to me quite a while back and back then it worked really well.

The plan is the following: setup articuno as soon as possible, together with dusknoir.

Use the frost prison attack and keep the defending pokémon "hostage" as you use dusknoir to move the damage to any benched pokemon.

Now that virizion ex is widely used the deck won't be really effective anymore but it's still fun to play with when you are not battling virizion's.


Pokémon (15)


3x Articuno ex

1x Keldeo ex

2x Kyurem (nv or pf whatever you like best)

2x Emolga (call for family)

3x Duskul

1x Dusclops

3x Dusknoir


Supporters (10)


2x colress

2x N

1x Bianca

2x Shadow triad

3x Skyla


Items (20)


3x colress machine

1x computer search

1x heavy ball

2x hypnotoxic laser

1x level ball

3x pokemon catcher

3x Rare candy

1x super rod

2x plasma ball

1x ultra ball

2x switch


Tools (2)


2x float stone


Energy (13)


4x plasma energy

9x water energy


well thats my list.

Like I said the deck isn't really playable anymore due to virizion ex but maybe a variant with garbodor instead of dusknoir or both with lots of tools and tool scrapers could pose more of a threat to virizion decks.

Other weaknesses: keldeo blastoise, with more than one keldeo on the field you are in trouble, it will just break the lock and make it pointless, but then again maybe garbodor could fix that :).



Deck 3: Gallade, Gardevoir


Upon request from DonaldDuck_ ;).

The decks isn't really that wacky but oh well lets go.

The idea is to setup a gardevoir and some gallade and maybe some other attackers, I chose for mewtwo ex, and take full use of the double psychic energies. Well thats pretty much all there is to say, the list:


Pokémon (15)


3x Mewtwo ex

1x Emolga (call for family)

4x Ralts

2x Kirlia

2x Gardevoir

2x Gallade


Supporters (11)


3x Bianca

4x N

1x Juniper

3x Skyla


Items (22)


3x hypnotoxic laser

1x Computer search

2x Level ball

3x Catcher

3x Rare candy

2x Super rod

4x Switch

3x Ultra ball


Tools (1)


1 x float stone


Energy (12)


9x Psychic

3x Double Colorless


Well thats my version, you could choose to drop the mewtwos and put meloetta or sigilyphs in their place, if you dont want to give up 2 prices and since gallade already has a darn good attack.

Anyways, Weaknesses: Psychic decks obviously, ability cancelling decks and its kinda slow setup if you plan on attacking with gallade mostly, since you have to setup 2 stage 2's and the basics are pretty puny.


Heavy Empoleon


By seeker33


Oke, this suggestion came frome seeker33 :) thanks alot for the submission.

It has, like he said, a very high pokemon count but after some testing it proved to run very well.

It works pretty much the same as regular empoleon, you get out a full bench and use empoleon as the main attacker, supported by dusknoir moving damage around when needed.

I did make some slight adjustments to the deck, I dropped one flareon from the list (I only have 3 at the moment and 4 often is overkill in any combo, not to say that its not good i just prefer it personally with 3 flareons.) In its place I put an extra dusknoir as I found it very usefull in many situations.

I also dropped an ultra ball in favour of a tool scrapper because 2 out of 3 of your attackers are team plasma and a silver mirror can really mess you game up, also it always comes in handy when battling garbodor decks or any deck that uses tools frankly..


oke the list:


Pokémon (240


4x Eevee (I'd recommend signs of evolution eevee)

3x Flareon (team plasma Pf #12/116)

2x Leafeon (team plasma PF #11/116)

4x Exeggcute (propagation PF#4/116)

2x Duskull

2x Dusknoir

3x Piplup

2x Prinplup

2x Empoleon (diving draw PF#117/116)


Supporters (11)


2x Colress

2x N

4x Professor Juniper

3x Skyla


Items (11)


2x Escape rope

1x Dowsing machine

3x Rare candy

1x Super rod

1x Tool scrapper

3x Ultra ball


Tools (2)


2x Silver bangle


Energy (12)


8x Water

4x Double colourless


That's it.

You may want to consider trying seeker's own list and see what suits you best. Also I didnt have much time to test this extensively, but I saw it a few times on pvp already and it always gives my opponent a hard time so I don't think there are any more problems with it.

The only thing I might still want to change is that there are no switches in this deck. On a few occasions I really wished I had some in there.

Other than that it's a good deck, fun to play with and I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I did.

Thanks again for the suggestion Seeker33




Snorlax Tornadus ex


This deck is based around Team plasma pokemon; Snorlax, tornadus ex and porygon z (plasma transfer).

The plan is to setup a full bench with snorlax, porygon and tornadus. You hope to start out with a Snorlax as your first pokemon, slowing down your opponent with its no-retreating for you ^_^ ability. Whilst you setup your bench and/or snorlax for attacking.

Tornadus ex is great for getting new hands if you aren't drawing great. And with porygon, double colourless and colress machine the energy cost for attacking (5 on snorlax and 4 on tornadus) isn't that much at all. especially considering that both of them pretty much grant OHKO's if your bench is full (and there are 4 plasma energies on the field).


Enough of that... the list:


Pokémon (11)


2x Porygon

1x Porygon2

2x PorygonZ (team plasma PB #74/101)

4x Team plasma Snorlax (Ps #101/135)

2x Team Plasma Tornadus ex (PF #114/116)


Supporters (13)


3x Bianca

3x N

2x Juniper

3x Shadow Triad

2x Skyla


Items (22)


3x Colress machine

1x Computer search

3x Hypnotoxic laser

3x Max Potion

2x Rare candy

1x Catcher

1x Super rod

3x Switch

3x Team Plasma Ball

1x Tool Scrapper

1x Ultra ball


Tools (2)


2x Float Stone


Stadiums (2)


2x Aspertia city gym


Energies (10)


4x Plasma

4x Double colourless

2x Random basic energy, it doesn't matter


Thats my list. It works pretty well for me.

However, if you think you'll be facing many Silver mirrors or anti-plasma decks you are in a bit of trouble. In that case I suggest putting in a few extra tool scrappers or ditch one snorlax (or tornadus) in favour of a regular tornadus ex or maybe even cobalion ex (and then make those 2 basic energies steel or something :))

Weaknesses: anti-TP stuff and hammers, against the rest of it you are pretty well equipped.

Obviously if you play silver mirrors you cant attack and if your opponent plays tons of hammers your special energies become a weakness but other than that the deck works great :).

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I think most decks for this subsection are well known but maybe I can provide a few techs people haven't thought of yet.

Lets start.


Venusaur, cradily & weavile


I think most of you already know a deck like this, but maybe its still worth sharing my version.

Strategy wise its pretty straight forward, setup a couple of weavile and a couple of venusaur and use vilify to get some damage out.

Discarding exeggcutes and lileeps and bringing them back to your hand with their abilities and venusaur.

Enough of that, the list:


Pokémon (20)


3x Venusaur

4x exeggcute

3x lileep

2x cradily

4x sneasel

4x weavile (pf # 66/116)


Supporters (11)


1 x bianca

1x cheren

2x Colress

2x N

2x Juniper

3x Skyla


Items (16)


1 x Computer search

2x Great ball

3x Level ball

3x Pokemon Catcher

1x Random receiver

1x Super rod

2x Plasma ball

3x Ultra ball


Tools (0)


Stadiums (2)


2x twist mountain


Energy (11)


3x blend, (dark, grass, fire, psychic)

8x Darkness


Well that's my list I haven't extensively tested it so you might want to tweak it a bit, maybe add some tools, remove some balls or whatever.(<- that sounded weird).

Weaknesses, obviously something with fighting types and also starting out with a single exeggcute in your hand. other than that it can be a pain to get a cradily up beacause you are relying on the bloody coin flip, but other than that i like it.


>_< i just noticed i didnt put in any swithches well I'll be perfecting this some more later...


Alright, next deck(s)


Plasma umbreon - zoroark / Eeveelutions - plasma beartic.


The first one is a deck i thought up when ubreon plasma was released, the seccond one is a product of Alexmanetic which she used in a tournament and it did rather well. (seccond place I believe)

note: this will be my addaptation of plasma beartic - eeveelutions hers might have been better (or not) I havent seen her decklist.

Both pretty much revolve around the same priciple, getting out a few umbreons to give boost the main attacker: zoroark and beartic respectively.

Both have their own advantages:

Zoroark can be setup faster with ascension and together with some other dark pokemon you have a faster strong attack that doesnt depend on damage on it.

Beartic doesnt need a plasma badge on it for umbreons ability to work and it already has 30 HP extra over zoroark.

It kinda comes down to personal preferance.


Tech option, (idea by CHAMELEON24), Reuniclus (damage swap) being able to control the damage on your pokemon can be massively helpfull, So I suggest you try to fit in one (maybe even 2 if you have the space) 1-0-1 Reuniclus with damage swap line.... especially now that catcher isn't used often anymore, cuz this guy you only want on your bench not on the offence :) In case you plan on using it I'd suggest dropping some of the catchers, sableye or absol (depinding on your playstyle), or the plasma energy colress machine thing i put in the beartic deck :)...


The lists:


Plasma umbreon - Zoroark


Pokémon (16)


3x Zorua (ascension, dark explorers #69/108)

3x Zoroark (brutal bash, dark explorers #71/108)

2x sableye (junk hunt, dark explorers #60/108)

3x eevee (signs of evolution)

3x Umbreon (pf #64/116)

2x absol (pf #67/116)


depending on personal preferance you could drop the absols in favor of some more eevee's or its evolutions


Supporters (12)


1 x Bianca

2x N (you could make it 4 N and 0 Colress)

2x Juniper

2x Colress

2x Shadow triad

3x Skyla


Items (17)


1 x Gold potion

3x hypnotoxic laser

3x Level ball

3x Catcher

1x Super Rod

3x Switch

2x Plasma Ball

1x Ultra ball


Tools (3)


3x Team plasma badge


Energy (12)


12x Darkness


Well thats that.

You could drop some energies in favor of some dark patches but since the attacks are so low energy I didnt feel like it was necessary.

Weaknesses: garbodor decks, fighting decks.



Plasma Beartic - Eeveelutions


Pokémon (17)


4x Cubchoo

4x Beartic (ps #41/135)

4x Eevee (signs of evolution)

4x Umbreon (pf #64/116)

1x Leafeon (pf 11/116)

1x Espeon (Dark explorers #48/108)


You can ofcourse play a lot with the eeveelutions this is just the way I like it.


Supporters (10)


2x Colress

1x Bianca

4x N

3x Skyla


Items (17)


2x Colress machine

2x Hypnotoxic laser

3x Level ball

3x Pokémon Catcher

2x Super rod

2x Switch

1x Tool scrapper

2x Plasma ball


Tools (4)


3x Float stone

1x Reversal trigger


Energy (12)


9x water

2x plasma

1x blend (psychic, fire, darkness, grass. <- depends ofcourse on which eeveelutions you use)


The end


garbodor decks, not really that bad but rather annoying

stuff with silver mirrors



Jellicent garbodor


Oke this is a deck I had plans to make ages ago, but never got around to build it. Then shortly after I opened this thread Tomtoo suggested jellicet bellossom. Which is pretty much the same idea only with bellossom.

The plan is to setup as many jellicent with stickyness ability as possible. And then after that get up a garbodor and attack with ensnarl, (plasma garbodor) which is an attack that gets stronger for every energy retreat cost a pokemon has.

It's as simple as that, now you could make the deck like Tomtoo suggested but that would mean you have a stage 2 in there, so I prefer garbodor.

Both have the same HP, but bellossom has lower retreat and attack cost (1 grass energy vs 2 colourless on garbodor) Bellossom's attack is also slightly better but in my eyes not enough to justify the seccond evolution.


Anyways the list:

Pokémon (16)

2x Meloetta

3x Trubbish

3x Garbodor (ps #67/135)

4x Frillish

4x Jellicent (stickyness BC #45/149)

Supporters (11)

3x Bianca

1x Cheren

1x Colress

3x N

3x Professor Juniper

Items (18)


3x Heavy ball

3x Level ball

3x Hypnotoxic laser

1x Bicycle

2x Pokémon Catcher

1x Super rod

3x Switch

1x Tool Scrapper

1x Town map

Tools (2)


2x Float stone

Energy (13)


4x Double Colourless

2x Water

7x Psychic


There you go, it's fun to play with this deck but it can't stand it's ground against the ex heavy format of today.

Garbodor may have a low energy attack but even with a full bench (4x Jellicent and 1 extra garbodor) you can only get out an attack of around 100-120. (80 for the jellicents and 20-40 for the basic retreat cost) since most decks use pokemon that have around 1 or 2 retreat costs.

Lol if i read that about 10 years ago it would have sounded amazing xD 120 attack with 2 energies...

Weaknesses: Floatstones, you may have your complete army of jellicent ready, one float stone makes them all useless.

Darkrai decks, same as the float stones, you can't do damage (with your most important attack) if your opponent hasn't got any retreat cost.

Psychic attackers, your main attacker has weakness to this....

Silver mirrors and other anti plasma stuff, again it's a TP pokemon so you need to watch out for that stuff.



Kings and Queens


Alright this suggestion came from tomtoo, it's pretty fun to play, you basically setup as many nidoqueen as you can together with a few nidokings.

Then you mainly use Nidoking's first attack: Lovestrike which does 20 damage plus 40 for each nidoqueen you have in play. Which could get you up to about 180 damage on 2 energies.

It takes a while to setup though but other than that it works pretty well.

However, empoleon decks, flygon decks and other stuff that gets more powerfull when you have a big bench. Come to think of I might tweak a bit more and shove in a (couple of) garbodor lines, since you don't use any ability pokemon anyways.


Pokémon (21)


4x nidoran (female)

3x Nidorina

4x Nidoqueen

4x Nidoran (male)

2x Nidorino

4x Nidoking


Supporter (10)


2x Colress

3x N

2x Juniper

3x Skyla


Items (15)


2x Hypnotoxic laser

1x Catcher

1x Random Receiver

4x Rare Candy

3x Switch

4x Ultra ball




2x Tropical beach


Energies (12)


4x Double Colourless

2x Fighting

6x Psychic


that it for now, I will be adjusting this a bit sooner or later.

Now I get that the beach is really expensive, but they can be used in nearly every situation so I tend to cram them in a lot of decks :P. If you dont have them i suggest them more supporters or items (balls or whatever).

Things I would want to change / try changing: Garbodor lines, maybe changing some of the *** enrgies to fighting, try if a cradily line would be any good.

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Welcome to quirky modified decks :).

Here I'll post the decks that have fun mechanics but will probably never be Tier 1 due to some issues like setup time or consistency problems or having a weakness to lots of decks.


Oke, deck one... Darkrai hydreigon altaria....


You might think; "darkrai hydreigon? that's a well known "awesome deck" but why the altaria? and why is it here.."

Well thats because the deck doesn't revolve around dark trance, but rather the consume attack from that other hydragon.

Darkrai is just there to make the switching free.

The plan, you setup 2 or 3 altaria's (fight song) together with a hydreigon with the "consume attack", another hydreigon with dark trance and darkrai ex.

Using hydreigons consume attack, powered up by some altaria, you deal about 80-100 damage and heal the same. (if you have damage on your hydreigon.)

You use Consume hydreigon to tank and take out most of the lower Hp pokemon or exes with moderate attacks (under 100). After that you have dark trance hydreigon to take out pesky one hit killers such as black kyurem ex, or to finish of an ex or two, with it's powered up 180-200 dragonblast attack.

I wasn't quite sure were to put this deck during testing it worked quite well, but I assume it won't be able to take on the top tier decks so I've put it here (due to its slow setup).


The list


Pokémon (18)


2x darkrai ex

4x Deino (I would suggest you use the darkness type one)

2x Zweilous (I like the one with draw in best)

2x Hydreigon "dark trance" (dragons ex #97/124)

2x Hydreigon "consume" (dragons ex #98/124)

3x Swablu

3x Altaria "fight song"


Supporters (12)


2x Juniper

4x N

2x Colress

1x Cheren

3x Bianca


Items (18)


2x Dark patch

3x Heavy ball

4x Level ball

1x Random receiver

3x Rare candy

1x Super rod

1x Switch

1x Tool scrapper

2x Ultra ball


Stadiums (2)


2x Tropical Beach


You wont really need it but it makes your setup a bit quicker, if you don't have it just use more balls for a faster setup.


Energy (10)


4x Blend (grass, fire, darkness, psychic)

6x Darkness


well thats it I hope you like it.

Weakness: high power attackers, since you "depend" on hydreigon to heal off all damage again after a turn anything over 100 can be harmfull.

Garbodor decks.

Decks with much faster setups.

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Well this is the part were I put my favorite and best unlimited decks, like the title said.

I can use every card currently available online.

To be honest these decks I like the most, here I am able to use all the best combo's available and use techs very often hardly ever used or often overlooked.



Anyways lets start, this is probably my favorite deck I have online at the moment.


Lugia Legend, Ho-oh ex, Shaymin.


Legends back in the day, were not really playable, but with Ho-oh ex and its ability lugia legend can give any current deck a hard time.

Sadly after the last update some bug has slipped in and ruind lugia's attack, making it unfairly powerful. (you only have to discard one energy now instead of 3 different ones).

The strategy, get out lugia legend as fast as possible with ultra balls and such discarding energies and ho-oh ex, attack with 200 (preferably take out an ex), use rebirth, recycle the energies bring them back to lugia with shaymin and repeat. Ofcourse you need some bench space for this to be possible so seekers and super scoop up (ssu) are in the deck to server that purpose.


the list


Pokémon (14)


3x shaymin (celebration wind)

4x Ho-oh ex

3x Smeargle (portrait)

2x Lugia legend bottom

2x Lugia legend Top


Supporters (15)


3x Pokémon collector

3x Proffesor Juniper

2x Proffessor Oak

4x Seeker

3x Skyla


Items (14)


3x Pokémon Catcher

1x Computer Search

2x Pokemon communication

1x Super rod

3x Ssu

2x Switch

2x Ultra ball


Tools (2)


2x Float stone


Energy (15)


5x Lighting

5x Fire

5x Water



Well thats my list, ideally you start out with smeargle in attack and when your opponent has a well ballanced deck you can take advantage of their supporters and get a quick setup.

Weaknesses: there isnt really a weakness for this deck, the main points of concern are that lugia legend and shaymin can end up in your discard pile and while shaymin is easily recovered with super rod any legend is pretty much stuck in there for good. which brings me to the seccond concern while lugia's attack is amazing (200) ho-ohs attack is puny... 3 energies and it does only 80 damage at best. So keep lugia alive as much as you can. Then there is the last point of concern but nearly all decks have this issue, you kind of only want to start out with smeargle, ho-oh ex as a starting pokemon isnt much of an issue but if you start with only a shaymin you might be in a bit of a pickle.


Deck 2


Crustle lock


I had plans with these pokémon for a while now but up until now I couldn't make it work good enough. But now that some new cards are here the deck is finaly playable... and how :D.

The idea is putting out crustle (with sturdy ability) on the attack, a reuniclus, 2x cresselia ex, and vileplume (item lock) on the bench, together with virizion ex. (if needed, somehow I still havent aquired one so I wasnt able to test it with vir ex in it.) Then if your opponents attacks, crustle takes the hit and no matter how strong your opponents attack is you will only have to deal with 90 damage.

Which will be easily be healed of by the cresselia's and.... CHAMPIONS FESTIVAL! yay! so far this is the only deck in wich it is awesome, you just spread the damage over your pokemon and heal 60, then you shove the remaining 30 onto your cresslias and it will be gone before your next turn :).

You will need a little time to set everything up but falling 1 or 2 and even 3 prices behind isn't an issue as long as you get the setup on your field. Anyways, Like I said the list isn't totally done yet, I still want to put in virizion ex(s) to make sure that your strategy isn't totally messed up with someone playing a deck with poisonning pokemon.

But I was actually quite happy with the results so far when testing it.

So without further ado, the deck list:


note: the deck isn't finished yet, I will tweak it a bit more once I have the virizion(s)


Pokémon (17)


2x Oddish

1x Gloom

2x Vileplume (hs undaunted #24/90)

2x Cresselia ex (I kind of want to make it 3x in case one is prized)

0x Virizion ex (I will try putting in one or two but I haven't got any yet)

2x Solosis

1x Duosion

2x Reuniclus (damage swap)

3x Dwebble (I reccomend the Bc one)

2x Crustle (sturdy)


Supporters (16)


3x Skyla

4x Prof Oak

2x Prof Elm

4x Pokemon Collector

1x Cheren

2x Caitlin (you might want to consider using bianca, colress or N instead)


Items (10)

(Since vileplume won't let you use any items either you just need a few for the setup)


1x Computer search

3x Pokemon Communication

4x Rare candy (just in case you could drop one in favour of another crustle)

2x Ultra ball


Stadiums (2)


2x Champions Festival


Energy (15 for now)


8x fighting

4x grass

3x blend (or rainbow)


Well thats my list so far, like I said and as you can see by the energies you there is a lot of room for wiggling, and the grass energies are just there for virizion, once it there. Besides this deck basically only needs 3 energies xD.

Oke, weaknesses: again garbodor, just make sure you get up vileplume before they put garbodor in. (oh darn I forgot to put in tool scrapper :S. I'll finalize the list and put it in later), poison decks, if you are poisoned crustle is no good, thats why you'll need virizion ex but with vileplume lasers are no longer a threat.

Abilities like rough skin or rocky helmet, if crustle is damaged its ability can't be used so you are at risk when attacking pokemon with those abilities or tools on them.

And the last problem is abilities like genesect ex's or bright look from ninetales, if your opponent can drag in vile plume or reuniclus with an attack or ability like those it will take you 2 turns to retreat (since you cant use switch due to vileplume) which may be to long :S and once those two are gone your deck is toast.

As soon as I get those last cards I need I will put up my final list but for now this is the best I can do.



Very low (no) energy Deck.


As suggested by GR0


He sort of already explained the idea, but just to have it all in the same place I'll explain it again here.

The strenght of this deck lies in its speed, because you need so little to no energies also enabling a faster setup because you have more room for trainers.

There is a slight problem however, because of the new T1 no attacking rule the baby pokémons are somewhat less usefull and since exes are pretty much in every deck at the moment the damage can seem a bit puny but if you are fast enough you can still give your opponent a hard time.

I did how ever change one thing about the deck, instead of using slashing strike Accelgor, I went for the deck and cover accelgor :) (simply because I didnt have enough of the other one.) and also it gives you an extra trun in which your opponent cant really attack.

I'll test it with the other Accelgor once I have enough of them.

Enough with the chit chat.


The list


Pokémon (20)


2x Magby

1x Tyrogue

1x Elekid (perhaps changing them to 2x tyrogue, 2x cleffa is a good idea but I havent got those atm.)

4x Shelmet

4x Accelgor (deck and cover, slashing strike was suggested so if you want to try that just exchange them and the energies)

4x Yanma (preferably free flight)

4x Yanmega prime


Supporters (23)


2x Colress

1x Cheren

4x Copycat

3x Hugh

1x Judge

4x N

4x Collector

2x Sage

2x Twins.


you will need to keep the cards in your hand equal to those in your opponents to be able to attack, so try swapping out colress for more judges or hugh and see what works best for you :)


Items (13)


2x Bicycle

1x Comp search

1x Catcher

2x Pokémon Circulator

4x Pokémon Communication

1x Recycle

2x Xtransceiver


Energy (4)


4x Double colourless


Ofcourse if you plan on playing the other accelgor don't forget to change them to grass energies


Alltogether I'm pretty happy with this deck, I might tweak it a bit later but for now it works fine.

I got 9/9 wins on Expert unlimited and its fun to play with. However there are a few weaknesses.

Lightning type attackers your main attacker yanmega will not appreciate them and it will be a difficult battle

Shy supporters, if you don't get the right supporters and you and your opponents hand aren't equal you can't attack with yanmega.

Baby pokémon, fun cards but the new rules make them not so good anymore. If you happen to have the first turn you cant use their main strenght which is that they don't need any energies.

Lastly there is the fact that people play with lots of exes, so eventhough yanmega is great with no attack cost, most exes will take 170-180 damage so you'll have to attack 3 times and by then your advantage is gone.

Anyways thats it :) build it, tweak it, have fun with it. And thank you GR0


Ampharos, Magnezone


This deck shouldn't really be allowed in this category. It's great fun to play with but it's not in anyway qualified to be under ~Best of unlimited~. But since it doesn't fit in any of the other categories either I'll post it here for now.. I might give up one of my free spaces for decks like this.


The deck is Ampharos (ability) + Ampharos prime+ Team plasma Magnezone and Magnezone Prime.

This deck is all about the abilities and selfinflicted damage. You setup one ampharos (dragons exhaulted) as your active and try to get 2 Ampharos prime on your bench. you lay down a frozen city stadium and wait for your opponent to KO most of his own pokemon by feeding them energies. But that's not all you have in store. you have Magenezone (Team plasma) to dish out extra damage. Use it to hit and run, you attack and then switch back to ampharos for maximal effectiveness. wilst keeping ampharos alive with max potions.

Enough with the chatting. the list:


Pokémon (18)


3x Magnemite

1x Magneton

2x Magnezone Team plasma (plasma storm #46/135)

2x Magnezone Prime (Hs undaunted 96/102)

4x Mareep

2x Flaaffy

2x Ampharos prime (hgss #105/123)

2x Ampharos Ability (Dragons exhalted #40/124)


Supporters (12)


2x N

2x Pokémon Collector

2x Professor Elm's Training Method

4x Professor Oak's New Theory

2x Skyla


Items (15)


2x Level ball

1x Computer Search

2x Max potion

2x Pokémon Catcher

4x Rare candy

2x Super Rod

2x Switch


Pokémon tools (3)


3x Float stone


Stadiums (3)


3x Frozen city


Energy (9)


2x Double colourless

7x Lightning


Well thats my list. It works pretty well but it needs some time to setup. The recent rule changes have made it a bit more playable but in the current format with speed being essencial it can't keep up with the pace sadly enough. But with Both magnezones and the right hand it can do really well. It's a real deck shredder though so watch out for deck outs.

Weaknesses: Fighting types, low energy decks, Really fast decks.

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These are decks using the "old cards" this probably my favorite format, I liked the pre-ex days a lot, but sadly no one is playing with the primes and legends anymore.

Usually I mostly share "wacky decks" but I see so little of the old decks that I will include a bunch of the more well known decks aswell.

Starting right away with Reshiplosion and DonChamp, and maybe later I will share my dugtrio-primeape fliptini deck that I used in the Trading card league (on alternate limited) and which got me up to 7 wins so far, sadly the last remaining 2 opponents are no where to be found (alexmanetic and Kfisherman) which leaves me to think they quit the game or something. So my deck will probably never get the chance to win agianst all the gym leaders... anyways, lets start with Reshiplosion




Reshiplosion (reshiram typhlosion) is a deck that contains mainly fire type pokemon, you use reshiram as your main attacker and recycle the energies with typhlosion prime. For some extra draw power I use ninetales with roast reveal. Also that helps with the energy acceleration, because every energy you discard can be brought back in to the game by typhlosion (1 per typhlosion per turn that is)

I love to play with this deck and eventhoug you'll face alot of ex pokemon when you play with it, you'll still have a great chance of winning.


the list


Pokémon (18)


4x Cyndaquil

1x Quilava

4x Typhlosion prime

3x Reshiram (outrage)

3x Vulpix

3x Ninetales (roast reveal)


Supporters (13)


4x Professor Oaks new theory

2x Professor Juniper

2x Professor Elms training method

3x Pokémon collector

2x Engineer's adjustments


Items (15)


3x Switch

3x Rare candy

3x Catcher

3x Max potion

1x Junk arm

2x Energy switch


Energy (14)


14x Fire energy


oke that's my list.

Weaknesses: water pokemon, and thats about it, you can setup pretty fast and your attacks are great so there shouldn't be to many problems for you when you play this deck.




This deck contains donphan and machamp (both prime).

The plan is to setup a donphan as your first attacker, attack with the 60 damage attack, preferably while having your own bench full already. then setup machamp (primbe) on your bench and when donphan gets weakend you use fighting tagg to get machamp in the active spot, it gets all donphans energies and you should be able to attack right away (or maybe in a turn or 2) using its champ buster attack you should be able to dish out around 130-150 damage right away. and if you have another machamp on your bench you can just use fighting tag again when your active machamp gets heavily damaged.

Meanwhile use max potions on your weakend pokémon on the bench and you are able to endure a lot.


the list




4x Machop

2x Machoke

4x Machamp (prime)

3x Phanpy

3x Donphan (prime)


Supporters (11)


4x Professor Oaks new theory

1x Bianca

1x Flower shop lady

2x Pokémon Collector

3x Twins


Items (20)


4x Catcher

3x Switch

4x Rare candy

3x Pokemon communication

4x Max Potion

2x Junk arm


Energy (13)


13x Fighting


I just realized my deck list is pretty old you might wanna change the items & supporter line-up a bit.

Weaknesses: Water, Psychic. Ability cancelling decks.

Great deck (if i may say so) fun to play with and in most cases still a difficult opponent for most current day decks. Machamp having 150 HP is great and it can take a lot of damage without much difficulty, just make sure you don't KO your own bench by using donphans first attack to oftent XD




This deck uses eels and magnezone, like the title implies... the plan is to setup a few Magnezone's and eels and maybe some zekroms, get as many energies into play as soon as possible and attack with either magnezone or zekrom (or thundurus).

Magnezone prime is used here as an attacker and with its ability it also provides great drawing power.

While also using junk arm and sage to setup quickly you discard a bunch of energies which are then returned to the field my eelektrik (with dynamotor ability).

I often find myself using magnezone as the main attacker but look out because when you use the attack you have to put your energies in the lost zone and from there there is no way of recovering them.

This is why you need plenty of them to keep you from running out of energies.

Finaly I'd like to point out a little tech for this deck: Pachirisu.

Using pachirisu (with self generation) you'll be able to get 2 energies on the field right away (to power up magnezone) which can be immensly usefull at times.


Now the list:


Pokémon (19)


4x Magnemite

2x Magneton

4x Magnezone

1x Pachirisu (COL #18/95)

3x Tynamo (I'd reccomend NV #38/101)

3x Eelektrik (dynamotor NV #40/101)

2x Zekrom (outrage BW #114/114, but it has also gotten a couple of reprints in the LT series.)


Another possibility is using thundurus (Epo #97/99 and there are again also reprints of this one) instead of zekrom, or one of each, depening on what you like best.


Supporters (12)


2x N

3x Pokémon Collector

4x Professor Oaks New Theory

3x Sage's training


Items (15)


3x Junk arm

2x Pokémon Catcher

3x Pokémon Communication

3x Rare candy

1x Super Rod

3x Switch


you could swap out super rod for flowershop lady, but I don't reccomend it.


Energy (14)


14x Lightning


Well thats my version.

It's a great deck that still holds pretty well against almost all decks.

If you have the funds to build this deck I would definately do so it is really fun to play with and if you plan on playing unlimited anyways magnezone can be used in tons of other decks aswell :).

There are just a couple of issues.

1. Running out of energies, it's bloody annoying that you can't get your energies back from the lost zone, It will sometimes leave you with 5 prizes ahead of you opponent but not enough energies in your deck to finish of the last on... this can be averted though by using either zekrom or thundurus to attack instead of magnezone

2. The weakness to fighting. if you face a landorus right away it will be immensly hard to get the upper hand, to get around this you could tech-in a (few) water Pokémon and their energies.

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Well the decks I plan on posting here aren't competative at all XD,

like the title says they are just for fun purposes, just some wacky decks with some fun techs that do not completely work due to some things.


the first deck for example, it works pretty good and its fun to play with, but sadly the HP of the pokemon in it is just to low (90 max)

and also it takes a while to set it up. But without further ado


Reuniclus - Coffagrigus


The deck is fairly simple, you setup a couple of reuniclus and cofagrigus (NV) and just juggle the damage around before you put it back on your opponent.

You also have the "net force" reuniclus to dish out damage when you aren't receiving anything. (max 160 attack on one energy).


The list.


Pokémon (16)


4x solosis

2x duosion

2x Reuniclus (damage swap ability BW #57/114)

2x Reuniclus (net force attack LT #76/113, its also in NV)

3x Yamask

3x Cofagrigus (damagriiigus NV #46/101)


Supporters (20)


2x Twins

4x Prof Oak

4x Pokemon Collector

2x N

2x Interviewers Questions

3x Flowershop lady

3x Bianca


Items (12)


4x Level ball

1x Catcher

3x Rare candy

4x Switch


Tools (2)


2x Float stone


Energy (10)


3x Double colourless

7x Psychic


Well thats that, like I said the Hp's are just to low on all these pokemon to make it compete, especially on solosis... 30 hp can get knocked out on T1 or T2. but if you have your setup ready anything under 90 damage per turn can be returned right away to your opponent, so often you wil win a match (assuming you have an opponent with attacks under 90) without even having to inflict damage yourself.

I hope you guys like this one cya later:)



Stoutland-Vileplume, complete trainerlock


This deck is just a bit competative. It won't be of any use agianst high powered exes but against decks with regular pokemon or even exes with attacks lower than 100 you should do just fine.

THe plan is to setup a Stoutland (sentinal ability) as your active pokemon, blocking all supportercards from you opponent, then setup a vileplume (old one) and block all items aswell.

Stoutlands attack isn't bad but it's not great either, 90 damage and with a 50% chance of inflicting itself with 20 damage.

Now that you have that setup, you have a complete lock on the opponent. But stoutland can only take 140 damage.

This is where our third and final pokemon comes in. Blissey with soft boiled ability. you just put 3 or 4 of them on your bench and use them to heal up stoutland every turn (max 120 damage per turn healed.

Oke the list.


Pokémon (24)


4x Chansey

4x Blissey (dark ex, #82/108)

3x Lillipup

2x Herdier

3x Stoutland (sentinal, BC #122/149)

3x Oddish

2x Gloom

3x Vileplume (hs undaunted 24/90)




2x Skyla

3x Professor Oak's new theory

4x Professor elms training method

3x Pokémon collector

2x Ghetsis

2x Flower shop lady

1x Cheren




4x Rare candy

1x Scramble switch


Tools (1)


(1x) Float stone


Stadiums (2)


2x Tropical beach


I realize some players might not have the funds for TB but in that case just use aspertia gym ;)


Energy (11)


4x Double colourless

7x Grass


Well there you have my list.

Its a bit slow to setup but when up and runing you will be able to take a lot of damage.

I have to run now so I'll finish this of later.

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Hey folks, I decided to put deck list posted in my thread that i havent had the chance to test yet here.

Not to say that they are no good, I just haven't tested them enough (or at all) yet.

this means there are NO guarenties they will work at all. But they might just aswell be absolutely amazing :).

So this is to make sure that none of you guys submit any decks in vain and on the other hand that you won't miss out on some potentially amazing decks that i just havent gotten the chance to test yet :).

Once tested properly by me I will "promote" them to one of the other categories. (or delete them if they are not good enough or different enough... I mean if someone just posts the deck list of basic orange im ofcourse not going to post it xD


Since this is a temporary spot anyways I won't be paying much attention to the layout..


Beedril deck by ivy_profen





  • 4-2-4 Beedrill
  • 1 Virizion Ex
  • 2 Tropius
  • 1 Mr Mime
  • 2 Genesect Ex






  • 4 Professor Juniper
  • 4 N
  • 3 Skyla
  • 1 Bianca
  • 4 Rare Candy
  • 4 Max Potion
  • 3 Bangle
  • 2 Level Ball
  • 2 Ultra Ball
  • 2 Sky Arrow Bridge
  • 1 Super Rod
  • 1 Tool Scrapper
  • 1 G Scope







  • 10 Grass
  • 2 Plasma


Path of the ninja- by OverlordMMM



2 - Accelgor (Deck and Cover)

2 - Ninjask

2 - Shedinja

3 - Nincada

3 - Shelmet

3 - Emolga (Call for Family)

1 - Venipede (Poison Point)

1 - Mr. Mime



2 - Juniper

2 - N

2 - Colress

2 - Skyla

4 - Level Ball

2 - Pokemon Communication

2 - Pokemon Catcher

4 - Ether

2 - Energy Switch

2 - Bicycle

1 - Life Dew (Ace Spec)



4 - Double Colorless

9 - Grass Energy

3 - Psychic Energy





(14) pokemon/ 3-drilbur,3-excadrill,3-sandile,1-krokorok,3-krookodile,2-emolga,(25) trainers/ 3-lasers,1-master ball ace spec,3-pokemon catchers,1-random receiver,3-rare candy,3-switch,3-ultra balls,1-cilan,2-colress,3-n,1-pokemon center,1-rescue scarf,(20) energy/ 4-dces,16-fighting energy.





QUADLAX variation - BY T_HOOD21



x4 Snorlax (PS)

x2 Lugia EX

x2 Sableye (DEX)


Total: 8



[/*********** Skyla

x3 N

x4 Juniper

x2 Shadow Triad


x4 Laser

x4 Plasma Ball

x2 Energy Search

x3 Max Potion

x1 Super Rod

x1 Scramble Switch

x4 Colress Machine

x3 Switch

x4 Rocky Helmet

x1 Virbank

x1 Tool Scrapper


Total: 41



x4 DCE

x4 Plasma Energy

x3 Darkness Energy


Total: 11


Revengers IDK, sounds goodenough dont ya think? by T_HOOD21



x3 Uxie

x3 Croagunk (BC or LT)

x3 Toxicroak (BC or LT)

x1 Mr. Mime

x1 Jirachi EX

x2 Duskull

x2 Dusknoir


Total: 15



x4 Laser

x2 Virbank

x4 Bicycle

x4 Level Ball

x2 Silver Bangle

x3 Switch

x1 Super Rod

x2 Energy Search

x2 Rare Candy

x1 Scoop Up Cyclone

x4 Juniper

x3 Skyla

x4 N

x1 Ghetsis


Total: 37



x8 Psychic Energy


Total: 8



Modified: Torterra (PS) tank deck BY JASONWEE




2-1-2 Torterra (PS)

1-0-1 Serperior (Royal Heal)

3-3 Cherrim (PS)

1 Virizion ex




4 Hypnotoxic Lasers

2 Level Ball

2 Tool Scrapper

3 Rare Candy

2 Super Rod

2 Switch

3 Ultra Ball

3 Colress

4 N

4 Professor Juniper

2 Skyla

2 Virbank City Gym

2 Giant cape

1 Computer Search




7 Grass Energy

3 Double Colorless Energy



Modified: Excadrill/Terrakion BY JASONWEE




3-3 Excadrill (DEX, Tunnel Strike and Dig Uppercut)

3 Terrakion (Retaliate)

1 Terrakion ex (DRX)

1 Landorus ex (BRC)




4 Hypnotoxic Lasers

2 Level Ball

1 Tool Scrapper

2 Super Rod

2 Energy Switch

2 Switch

2 Escape Rope

3 Heavy Ball

2 Colress

4 N

4 Professor Juniper

2 Skyla

2 Virbank City Gym

2 Exp. Share

2 Silver Bangle

2 Silver Mirror

1 Dowsing Machine




10 Fighting energy




GARDEVOIR DAMAGE SWAP- suggestion by Ninetyninetales



4 eevee

4 umbreon (plasma ability)

1x Glaceon (plasma ability)

3x Ralts

2x Kirlia

3x Gardevoir (legendary treasures)


Trainers 30

3x levelball

3x Rare candy

2x Super rod

3x Switch

3x Plasma ball

3x Ultra ball

3x Bianca

2x N

2x Juniper

2x Skyla

4x Plasma badge



12x Psychic

1x Blend FPGD


this last one i've been testing but its not running efficiently yet, i need to fix some consistency problems...


Cacturne - Carnivine BY DANTE10


pokemon: 14

4 *************]

4 cacturne

2 mr mime

2 carnivine

2 tropius


trainers: 36

3 juniper

3 N

3 colress

2 ************]

2 virbank

4 hypnolasers

3 level ***********]

2 switch

2 max potion

2 bangle

2 everstone

2 mirror

2 float stone

2 scape rope

1 super rod

1 rock guard


energy: 10

10 grass energy


NeilK's decks:


Ice cream split deck



4 Vanilluxe (2 PLS,2 PLF)

2 Vanillish (PLF)

4 Vanillite (PLF)

2 Tornadus EX (DEX)

1 Tornadus EX (PLF)

3 Cryogonal (PLF)

1 Kyurem EX (BW 37)

1 Kyurem (PLF)


12 Water


Fishing Cat deck


4 Kingdra (PLF)

2 Seadra (PLF)

4 Horsea (PLF)

3 Mew ex (LT)

3 Starmie (NXD)

4 Staryu (NXD)


14 Water



Ghetto Rainbow


4 Beautifly (DRX)

2 Silcoon (DRX)

4 Wurmple (DRX)

4 Ninetales (LT)

4 Vulpix (LT)

2 Latios EX (PLF)


4 Grass

2 Water

2 Fire

2 Lightning

2 Psychic

2 Fighting

2 Dark

2 Steel


Tolltaker Deck


4 Absol Prime (HSTR)

4 Ampharos Prime (HGSS)

1 Flaaffy (any set)

4 Mareep (any set)

3 Darkrai EX




8 Dark

4 Lightning




4 Frozen City

4 Ultra Ball

4 Swtich

4 Skyla

4 Rare Candy

1 Scoop Up Cyclone ACE SPEC

3 Colress

4 Junk Arm

2 Super Rod

2 Bianca


Chronophysicist decks:




Pokemon: 14

4-1-4 Staraptor line, star of the deck

3 Victini EX for turbo energising Staraptor line

2 Emolga to fill bench


Ace Spec: 1

1 Scramble Switch, for when 1 Staraptor gets too damaged


Stadium: 2

2 Aspertia to boost Staraptor line, doesn't matter if you're boosting opponent cuz it don't matter


Supporters: 11

4 Junipers because speed is everything so always good to have fresh hands

4 N because I can't have 8 Junipers

2 Skyla for rare candies

1 Ghetsis mainly to buy time


Items: 19

4 level balls to get Starly/Staravia, never emolga

3 Ultra ball to get Staraptor

4 Rare candies to speed up staraptor

2 Switch in case of status effects

2 Random receiver because speed is everything

4 Catchers in case a 1hit KO is cooking in the bench


Energy: 13


9 Fire


Nose pass


Pokemon: 17

4-4 Probopass line, because they are the stars

4-4 Leafeon because someone is going to be holding all that useless energy, plus effectiveness to keldeo EX

1 Keldeo EX just to save on retreats


Ace Spec: 1

1 Computer Search get what you need


Stadium: 3

2 Pokemon Center to heal a bit here and there and also counter other stadiums

1 tropical beach ,I know I said it was meant to be a cheap deck, you can technically use pokemon center as well, I only added it because I've got it, and 3 stadiums is mainly to win stadium wars more than anything


Supporters: 11

4 Junipers because speed is everything so always good to have fresh hands

4 N because I can't have 8 Junipers

2 Skyla for something

1 Colress because I expect to be losing quite a few probopass in the process, bench tends to be loaded with backups


Tools: 2

2 Float Stones for Keldeo EX mainly but worse comes to worse can use for someone else.


Items: 14

2 Escape Rope get a free retreat and bring out someone with useful energy

4 Level ball to get them basics

2 Heavy balls to get them probopass

2 Ultra balls to get them Keldeo/leafeons

4 catchers to catch out stuff with useful energy


Energy: 12


4 Blend (the Water/metal variety)

4 Prism leafeon doesn't need grass for energy crush


"monkey business" - BY SCIPER

x4 Chimchar

x1 Monferno

x4 Infernape

x4 Eevee

x4 Umbreon


[************************s [/i]

x2 super rods

x1 energy retrieval

x1 full heal

x1 gold potion

x1 max potion

x2 junk arms

x3 rare candy

x2 switch

x4 plasma ball

x2 N's

x2 Juniper's

x3 Prof Oak's

x2 Skyla's

x1 Twin's

x2 Giant Cape's


x14 fire



just like the deck below infernape is your main fighter and is nice at stalling pokemons move to set up to be able to do 120 dmg. can get him nice hp buffs and has free retreat cost as well as max potions!


and yes this is an unlimited deck i prefer more i love playing with junk arms and even Prof Oak but welcome to make changes to deck!


[/********************************* trash* - BY SCIPER




x4 Eevee ( call for family i use to help find Trubbish fast) but can use others if want.

x4 Umbreon ( team plasma ability *


[**************************** ( i use the Garbage collection one to get cards back in my deck/hand. )[/i]

** Garbodor ( the one that use's Biosmog main fighter )





x2 N's

x1 colress

x1 bianca

x2 juniper

x3 prof oak

x2 skyla

x1 twins




x2 Virbank City Gym



x3 Giant Cape



x1 full heal

x2 junk arms

x3 max potions

x1 super rod

x2 switch

x4 plasma ball



pretty much goal is to get garbodor up with 1 energy to start poisoning with virbank combo and having a 50% to discard any energy is nice! then just get your non fighter Umbreon's on the bench to power up garbodor's hp an get a nice maximum hp of 210! with x4 umbreon/giant cape

and neft to catcher helps them be somewhat ok but they only have 1 retreat cost and all gain each others hp buff! then if your garbodor gets into trouble on almost being Ko just pop a max potion slap one energy and your gtg!


Virizion decks would swallow this trash deck though lol.

also on side note a second super rod should be added to get back fallen fighter garbodors since they are your only fighter and once they get ko so does this deck lol


[************************************ deck is call Pesty Pig! - SKYPER


main thing you want to do is get yanmega or grumpig out and you can do anything from 40 dmg snipes to 30 dmg confusions or even 120 dmg with grumpig which i personally use him as my main attacker just be sure to always match there hand.

(yeah i know i changed his name... just wondering if anyone would notice xD)


Pokemon - 14[/i][/color][/color]


Yanma x4

Yanmega Prime x3


Spoink x4

Grumpig x3




and support wise your gonna want to run x4 judge's are nice for keep your cards matching up and can be nice interrupts/reducing players hand if they get to much and also N's are nice so x4 of those as well!


can be a pain to find your stage 1's so i have just used ultra balls/master ball due to there odd 110 hp and retreat cost being low but soon as next set adds in evolution soda that will help a lot more on helping get them out sooner


although using ultra ball and junk arms have helped a lot if i have tons of cards and my opponent has a very low hand you can discard enough to match there's if you have no n's/judges or just want to use them wisely.


if you can think of a nice trainer list for this deck as well as energy usage please let me know would be greatly appreciated!



Hi my name is legendmaker21 and here is a deck I made not too long ago. So far it has been doing very well against other decks so here's the deck list!


Plasma Mix XD


18 Pokemon

2 Buoffalant with Gold breaker ability

3 Cinccino with smooth coat

3 Minccino

2 Mew EX

2 Ursaring Team Plasma with Adrenalash

2 Articuno with Ice Wing

24+ Trainers/Supporters

4 N

2 Juniper

4 Silver Bangle

4 Aspertia City Gym

2 Pokemon Catcher

1 Ace Spec (your choice)

2 crushing hammer

2 enhanced hammer


18 Energy

4 Prism Energy

4 Double Colorless

8 water energy



Usually you want to start with Minccino then evolve, get Cinccino out to do echoed voice for 50 damage, then the next turn you do 100 damage. You can also start with Bouffalant or Teddiursa then evolve to Ursaring the next turn, this helps in that if your Pokemon are KO'D by an attack they only take one prize card. Furthermore, if you your opponent is playing a fighting deck, then switch to mew ex for an advantage. However, if they knock you out, they take 2 prize cards instead of one.




You can always substitute or add changes to list anyway you like, Rock Guard, Drowsing Machine, or Life Dew is recommended as an ACE-Spec for this deck.

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Alrighty, I'm changing this part of the thread completely.

It's no longer an add, but a sort of update window in which I'll let you know what my experiences are when testing a deck ;).

Here I will also ask for assistance with some decks and such.



Oke the beedrill deck by ivyprofen is next on my to-do list....


Alrighty, ive been playing a bit whit this deck, I'm currently running two garbodor (garboxitin) lines and one virizion ex since you will probably face a bunch of virizion decks garbodor can be essensial, it also gives you a slight edge over other decks that heavily rely on abilities, such as darkrai or lugia ex centered decks.

virizion is just there in case garbodor is not needed and you play a deck with lots of"special conditions" or whatever...

another thing that might work is cherrim (abiliy) lines, instead of garbodor... a lot of the time you can have maybe 10-40 damage on your beedril, for which it would be a shame to sacrefyce a max potion... so maybe they can be an outcome....

still lots of testing to do though and pvp is still not working properly for me so it could still take a while...

but it is fun to play with beedril, also its a pretty cheap card to get so if anyone has some laying around, i'd reccommend you play with it for a bit...

that 'll be all for now.. cya folks



-By the way I'd love to put all decks in permanent spots on the thread but there is just no room :S so I have to be critical and some decks won't be posted. I could however make a section for "rejected decks" which may have been great in concept, but just didn't work out in practice...-


Also, I soon be merging decks together if they are really similar. By that I mean I'll put a box of some sort next to the deck and put the different "tech" options in there to show what would also be possible within the same deck.

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Well folks here I will put all requests and tell you what I'm currently working on.

And a bit of a status report.

I will also put "credits" here and some sort of "Hall of fame" for deck suggestions that were epic, or for future "wacky deck tournaments" and the top 2 or 3 decks.

First let my explain my process.


I review every deck list or suggestion I get, but some may take longer than others.

The time it takes depends on a few things:


1.Have I got all the cards... Naturally I can't test a deck if I do not own the cards so if you make me a suggestion for a deck and I haven't got all the necessary it will take me a bit longer because I have to trade for the cards missing.


2.Do I know the deck, decks I'm familliar with are easier to get through the testing phase because I know what their strong and weak points are and how to play with the deck.


3. Am I satisfied with the results? I will try to test and tweak any deck I get untill I am either happy with it or I get to the conclusion that it may be a nice deck (or idea) but it just won't work good enough.


4. Where do I place this deck. It may seem simple, but it can be a bit difficult to put a deck in a certain category and do it justice.


5. I'm forgetting something .... what was my last step again ???... ohwell apparently it wasnt that important xD


Suggested decks


Accelgor / Escavalier, by tomtoo

Exploud / Jigglypuff, by tomtoo done, just a bit more testing and I'll put it up soon!

Golurk / Sawk, by tomtoo

keldeo / manaphy, lunatone, by tomtoo

Quad absol, by tomtoo

Beedrill deck, by Ivy_profen

Ninjask / shedinja / accelgor, by OverlordMMM

Gardevoir-plasmaumbreon, by ninetyninetales

Drill time, by mrpokemon17



Works in progress:


Palkia ex, healer deck :), few cards missing

Drilltime, testing

Deck shuffler, it has some consistency problems

Plasma umbreon-new gardevoir, consistency problems

Beedrill deck, same as the above.

Quad absol, doing some tweaking and testing.


Hall of fame


Best deck suggestions:

I will reward you with a prize if you give me an excellent suggestion :)


Tournament winners




Cards needed for the decks


I'm willing to trade for these cards but do not expect to much, building all these decks eats up alot of my funds :P. -stuff that's worth more or that is usable in multiple decks I'll trade more for ofcourse, but things I'm only going to use in one deck I can't pay full price for :)-


Cresselia ex (2x)

Palkia ex (1x)

Bellossom (bc #4/149)

Crustle (bc #85/149) (2x)

Accelgor (pb #8/101)

Scizor prime ??***)

Ambipom (hs triumphant #13/102) (2x)

Escavalier (pb # 61/101)

Escavalier (Dark ex #74/108)

Team Rocket's trickery (hs Undaunted 78/90)

Pachirisu, (call of legends #18/95) ***)

Junk arm (1x)

Cleffa (COL # 24/95 or HGSS 17/123) (2x)

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Hmm.. I think i should put some of my decks forward to give you some ideas


Accelgor / Escavalior

Bellossom / Jellicent

Cradily / Gardavoir / Gallade

Exploud / Jigglypuff

Gardavoir / Gallade

Golurk / Sawk

Keldeo / Manaphy / Lunatone

Nidoking / Nidoqueen

Mew / Accelgor / Togekiss

Quad Absol


Some of these i haven't played enough to see if they are any good but they all have at least 50% win rate against Modified Expert with most having 70%+ and some with 85~100%

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Hello people,

Sadly I can't put all decks up on the front page, so decks that did not make the cut will be displayed here for a while.

The reason they are here can be one of the following:

It's to similar to some other idea/ deck i have already posted.

The deck won't work for whatever reason, maybe there are to many stage 2's or maybe some abilities conflict or perhaps the idea just can't be put into practice.


Still the Deck might aswell be a neat idea but just not working for some reason.

and since someone might come along and fix the issue I'll leave it here for review.

(I'll just post the pokemon lineups though complete lists would become to long....)


The first deck I'm posting here is not at all because its a bad idea,

it's just that I already have 2 similar decks posted which do pretty much the same but can take more hits.

its -Rage damage- By chameleon24

Im sorry to do so, but both beartic and zoroark versions have Hp advantage (in combo with umbreon) and i feel like tweaking it to much will just make it one of those decks.

I do how ever really like reuniclus in that deck, so I'll be posting that as a tech for those decks :)


The pokemon list:

- Pokemon (18)

3x Zekrom (outrage)

1x Suicune (safegaurd ability)

1x Kyurem (outrage)

4x Cubchoo

3x Beartic (powerful rage)

3x Solosis

1x Duosion

2x Reuniclus


Still thanks alot for the suggestion and I hope you will submit another if you get a new Deck idea :)



p.s. Full lists are still available upon request, or in the original posts (if the creator did so)

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I already have a Nidoking/Queen Deck idea, its currently in the making though.

I always try to find synergy in all of my cards. Like Minun/Plusle/Raichu

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Hmm.. I think i should put some of my decks forward to give you some ideas


Accelgor / Escavalior

Bellossom / Jellicent

Cradily / Gardavoir / Gallade

Exploud / Jigglypuff

Gardavoir / Gallade

Golurk / Sawk

Keldeo / Manaphy / Lunatone

Nidoking / Nidoqueen

Mew / Accelgor / Togekiss

Quad Absol


Some of these i haven't played enough to see if they are any good but they all have at least 50% win rate against Modified Expert with most having 70%+ and some with 85~100%


Deck list for gardavoir/Gallade please?

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Oke the deck I am working with right now is -Rage damage- by chameleon24.

The idea is to have a bunch of pokemon on the field that get stronger attacks when they get more damaged and then "managing" the damage with reuniclus (ability).

Keeping pokémon from getting knocked out but still leaving them damaged enough to deal some decent damage.

His list is in the untested section :) (please do review it)

So the idea is neat, but there are two things I'm having.

First, in the current format, heavy hitters are in abundance and the strongest (highest HP) pokemon you have in here is beartic with 130 HP.

Which is decent but not enough, since TDK-like decks and Black ballista kyurem ex decks are often faced.

Keep in mind that you pretty much have to be opperating with 80% damaged pokémon to do any decent damage and then even a low attack can destroy you very quickly.

The seccond thing is, even though I like the idea, I already have 2 similar decks up; Beartic umbreon and Zoroark umbreon.

Which do work in pretty much the same way but somewhat better since they can have higher HP due to umbreon.

I do like the idea of Reuniclus in the deck, it makes it a lot safer to play.

Because of these things, I am planning removing beartic, zekrom and maybe some others to make room for Regigigas ex or Kyurem ex or white Kyurem ex (ps).

The other thing I could do is simply trying to fit reuniclus in either the zoroark or the beartic deck so that the managing damage idea is preserved but the rest will be somewhat lost.

OR OR, I could fit a bunch of umbreon (ability) in the deck together with plasma badges, dropping the beartic lines and focussing on zekrom and reshiram.

This way all the pokémon do have enough health to take a hit or two.


Well that's my take on -Rage Damage-

to Chameleon24, if you still read this thread, please give me some input ;) what would you like to happen with your deck?

I do not intend to ******* your deck since it's in no way a bad idea, but as it stands it just can't hold it's ground against a certain number of decks.


To everyone else that reads this, what do you guys think about this idea?

Would you like to see any of my adjustments to it? or do you guys and girls think that it is to similar to the zoroark and beartic decks I posted already.


I Would love to hear what all of you think about this.

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You should toss in a beedrill deck. Mine works pretty well found here




(hmm idk how to post links here lol.)


Have yet to make it work against well against virizion and other matchups though.


alright, I'll try and make it :) ill have to trade for some of the cards though ;P so it might take a while longer than usual.

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One of my decks you can try is my mixture of Ninjask/ Shedinja/ Accelgor.




Against most decks (current meta/ older meta) it tends to have an 85% and higher win ratio. I currently have no counters to Virizion in it, though (never faced it yet luckily), and the deck in the link also needs to be updated as I added some things to it like Mr. Mime.


If you want me to elaborate on the playstyle, I will. :)

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I have a few decks I use (and LOVE) that'd be a good fit for the list...


Raticate/Sableye (It's all about Super-Fang and Hypnotoxic Laser, and Plasma Badge/Colress Machine for speed)

Haxorus/Keldeo EX (Y'know, that free Haxorus from Power Relay forgets he can't attack for 120 when a Float-Stoned Keldeo EX juggles him)

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A deck I used to use, was a "0 energy"-deck. The name is technically not correct, it does need some energy (4 max), but the deck can operate without. It was a Yanmega Prime/Accelgor (Slashing Strike) deck with a couple of Babies (used Tyroque to immediately start dishing out damage). Starting from turn 2 it could already deal 60/70 damage each turn. Unfortunately, decks started using more and more EX cards, which made the deck lose its advantage (60/70 damage each turn is simply too slow vs EX cards, and Speed is what was the deck's advantage. It also has more Trainers than any other deck, but that doesn't matter if the Pokemon can't do the job...), and now of course it can't be used in Modified.

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A deck I used to use, was a "0 energy"-deck. The name is technically not correct, it does need some energy (4 max), but the deck can operate without. It was a Yanmega Prime/Accelgor (Slashing Strike) deck with a couple of Babies (used Tyroque to immediately start dishing out damage). Starting from turn 2 it could already deal 60/70 damage each turn. Unfortunately, decks started using more and more EX cards, which made the deck lose its advantage (60/70 damage each turn is simply too slow vs EX cards, and Speed is what was the deck's advantage. It also has more Trainers than any other deck, but that doesn't matter if the Pokemon can't do the job...), and now of course it can't be used in Modified.


I'm on it :) thanks for the suggestion ;)

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