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Trading VS Friendslist


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Hello pokemon team and fellow tcg players,

I am RoyalDuke and I have some "issues" with the way the friendslist and private trading work.


First of all there are the private trades.

If you want to trade a card in private you can only do so on 2 conditions:

either you are friends with the player you are trading with or you make a like for like trade.

sounds all good but it is rather pointless, I assume that this is some kind of effort to keep novice players from being ripped off but adding someone to friends is quick and on public trade people can accept all trades no matter if they are like for like or not.

which leads me to the next problem

if you are a player that trades alot you have to add all the people you want to trade with and after a while your "friendslist" gets really clogged up with people you tried to trade with once. and if they didnt accept your friend request they disappear somewhere in the long list and will stay there forever.

That is because the search bar in the friends tab does not work.

And now comes my biggest annoyance.

if you have a friend online and you want to pm him/her you have to scroll to their name in your friends list, but the list is all clogged up from all those pointless "friends" and the slider is so small and puny that you scroll over their name all the time and have to go look for them in the lobbies. Which takes way to long and causes me to pm them at all anymore.

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