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Save Game Log option..


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Since the Game is in beta stage and there are a few bugs with attacks and pokepowers that occur only with a series of events, it is hard for you guyz to replicate our problems.


And hence I have a solution, y not let us export the game log to a preset location like say the My Documents folder with a click of a button. That way when we feel there is a bug we can click on the save log button and then upload it to you guyz in the forum.


It shouldnt be hard to program since there is a game log already during a match .. you guyz jus need to flush tat to a log file..


Its a win for everyone and easier to spot and fix the bugs for you guyz ..


Hoping it would get implemented soon ...



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Hi Wa5her,


Great suggestion! I'll pass this along to the Dev team for review and leave this thread open for discussion in the meantime.


As always, we appreciate your input!

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