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Curious on card lists of available cards


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Trying to plan out a deck but not really vocalizing on what it is because kind of havent fully decided, but some basics I need.


I used to play pokemon waaaay back in the day I was good but probably nothing compared to whats out there now


a few questions I had was what is the energy/trainer/item/pokemon/evolution ratio do you generally aim for?


I have some prism energies from next destinies and wondered what are the cards available that work like this one that are available in game?


sorry if this isnt the right location.

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aside from prism the other options are the blends which can play the role of 1 of 4 different kinds of energy. there are 2 kinds of blend each covering 4 of the main energies.


basic deck ratios these days is roughly 15/30/15 (Pokemon/trainer/energy). I don't get why people think I'm joking with them whenever I tell them this and prefer to go with their 25/10/25 or some weird ratio. In general after looking through most of the decks ppl make these days the 15/30/15 ratios tends to be the more common ratio that works. For evolution lines in general you should limit yourself to 1 stages 2 line at most and have some non-evolving basics to reduce the likelihood of mulligans.

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