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Game crashing frequently at high ram usage.


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I started playing a couple of days ago and have had a blast so far, except for the really frequent 'crashes' I get in game. This happens when I'm in the middle of a match and a few times outside of matches. Everytime this happens the game just stops working/freezes (sort of) and is stuck although allowing me to still look at cards in play but nothing else. The physical memory usage pops up to between 80% and 90% and stays there until I X the game, leaving the match won't work either.


I've tried waiting it out but nothing happens. The OS I'm currently using is Windows 7 Ultimate Service pack 1.




Edit: 5 crashes during my last 6 hours of playing, whereas 2 of them the game shut down completely without any error message.

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I would recommend that you check for an error.log; and if you find one, click on the link in my signature to send it off to Customer Support.


Please locate your "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online" folder (Windows search should find it), and see if there are dated folders in the TCGO folder. A dated folder will look something like this "2013-08-02_184936". If you manage to locate such a folder, attach the error.log to your support ticket.



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