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Pokemon X & Y Tradding Thread


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This thread is for trading Pokemon on X and Y. Type in your Friend code and version so i can add you to the list.


List of Friends

Crix Ion version X:0903-2842-3593

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Is it imposter? IF so can you get me one with 31 hp IV's. I found out that every friend safari Pokemon has two perfect IV's :D

I'll start looking for one in a bit. I've found one that had Imposter, but I couldn't catch it since my catcher is a Shedinja. I also found one with 31 IVs for 3 stats.

EDIT: I'll put some on here the first Ditto that I've found has Imposter, 31 IVs for Sp. D and Speed as well as a Quirky nature. I also have 3 Quick Powders.

EDIT2: The second Ditto has an Adamant nature and 31 IVs for Defense and Sp. A and its HP is 'dismal'.

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