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Why does the bench negate attack effects?


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Where does it say in the rules, if a pokemon retreats to the bench and then comes back into play the previous

effects are no longer in play?

For example:

Plasma Storm Kyurem's move that does 120 says, this pokemon cannot attack during the next turn.


But I've seen players retreat kyurem and play him again, only to be able to use that same attack!


In real life, the way that reads is so when my friends and I play we don’t allow Kyurem to be able to attack.

Can someone clear this up, with evidence please.

Many thanks.

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well I don't remember the reason is that when ever you go to the bench effects wear of don't they. poison, burn does so I think its the same with an attack like with leaf wallop with virizion if you use leaf wallor retreat to the bench and then do it again with the same one it wont work. its because the effect goes off when your on the bench

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i don't have the official rulebook to quote for this how here are some links as evidence addressing the thing about plasma kyurem










it is definitely how its supposed to be played given that this technique was used in official tournaments.

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