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Trading Legend Pieces


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I am trading both pieces of Ho-oh CoL and both pieces of Lugia CoL. I am looking for 4 packs from Dragons, Darkness, BC, PB, PF, or PS assorted if needed. I am also looking for my wants, which will be posted below. Please PM me in game if you want any of these. I am also trading 3x Hydreigon(Dark Trance) for 2-3 packs each.



3x Flygon

2x Trapinch

1x Dusknoir(Sinister Hand)SR or reg

2x Audinio(Busy Body)

3x Charizard

3x Charmander

3x Charmeleon

1x Jirachi EX FA


PM me in game to negotiate pricing and/or buy my cards.



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