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Deck ideas with PF Kingdra


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Has anyone made a deck using Plasma Freeze Kingdra? I have 3 Kingdra cards from that set and was toying with an idea on how it could be played. If I abuse it's 1st attack a lot I would probably need to play Junk Hunt Sableye. This could get annoying however. :/

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What is your deck list for kingdra/empoleon? I cant seem to make that deck work. I have kingdra deck that works pretty well, an empoleon deck that works really well, but the combination of the 2 just flops around and dies.

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Here is my list. I think it's made before PB so there's no some cards but you can add those.


I also think that I hade 2 beaches in there, but I'm not sure.




4-1-3 Kingdra

3-1-3 Empoleon

2 Mr.Mime (I just added it because I was missing 2 cards)




1x Computer Search

3x Max Potions

3x Pokemon Catchers

4x Rare Candy

2x Switch

2x Super rod

3x Ultra Ball

2x Float Stones




2x Colress

3x Skyla

3x N

4x Juniper




12x Water

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