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Assistance required for low budget decks.


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Hi, I am a little low on cash atm and so don't have many of the more advanced cards. These are decks I have put together so far and wondered if anyone had any advice for how to improve them.




Ok first deck:



Type Water/Colourless.






DarkEX Ducklet X1

DarkEX Swanna X1

DragEX Feebas X2

DragEX Milotic X1

DarkEX Kyogre EX X1

PB Lapras X1

PB Suicune X1

DragEX Tympole X2

DragEX Palpitoad X1

DragEX Seismitoad X1

DragEX Bouffalant X2

BC Buneary X1

BC Lopunny X1

PB Kangaskhan X1

BC Rattata X1

BC Raticate X1

ND Regigigas EX X1




Energy Retrieval X2

Pokemon communication X2

Potion X2

Rare Candy X2

Revive X1

Switch X2

Town Map X1

Caitlin X1

Cheren X2


Cilan X2

Iris X1


Eviolite X1

Exp. Share X1

Giant cape x1

Rescue Scarf X1





Water X14

Double Colourless X3

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you could always make a cheap beedrill, cherrim deck. Basically with cherrim you try to take all the damge counters off beedrill. also switches and pokemon center would also be nice.

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Thanks for your suggestion however I have only 1 beedrill at present and no Cherrim nor any Pokemon Centres. I do however have many switches, lol.

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never a good idea to just put 1 or 2 of everything, this is simply saying you're gonna go in blind and just use whatever your deck gives you. The trading card game values consistency very highly. What this means is you want to be able to depend on your deck to give you what you want or at least give you the means to get it whenever you need it.


You need a plan in your mind:

1. what element is my deck going to run? (pretty straightforward)

2. what strategy am i going for?(decking opponent out? cleaning the bench? collecting prizes?)

3. which pokemon is going to be the star of my strategy?

4. how do I bring out my star pokemon and set him up as soon as possible? (Call for family?, level ball?, ultra ball?)

5. what could my opponent play to beat me? (pokemon catcher? silver mirror? safeguard?)

6. what can I do to protect myself from my weaknesses? (float stone? tool scrapper? Garbotoxin?)


last bit of advice, the 15/30/15 distribution of pokemon/trainers/energy tends to be a good guideline to follow, if you plan on including stage 2 pokemon in the build, stick to only 1 family tree, branching out to multiple stage 2 are often very hard to do.

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Thanks very much for your advice. I agree and I have tried to set up a bit of a strategy but I have a limited number of cards atm. I set kangaskhan and Pokemon communication to fill the bench, I was trying to select cards with relatively high damage and low energy cost, I guess clearing the bench and collecting prizes were my main goal. I see what you mean by protection, I do have some scrappers and one or 2 Garbodor, never payed much attention to the Garbotoxin power until now. Thanks for the tips.

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same when you vs top tier decks they all have a ability which helps them. deoxys makes thundurus ex and kyuerum plasma do more damage. Darkrai gives free retreat. genesect is not so worrysome as colress machine is normally used instead of just putting the energy down but signal beam can be a free catcher

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Pretty solid advice thus far. Though i dont agree with that beedrill statement. You personally experienced my beedrill deck, and speed and power of beedrill/virbank, is far superior than beedrill/cherrim/pokemon center. Granted cherrim and pokemon center allow for beedrill to attack easier and heal off damage freely. Many pokemon can easily hit 120 damage, so the heal can be rather negligible at times if your bees go down in 1 hit. The extra 20 damage can be crucial at many time. It hits for 120 damage by the time it comes back to ur turn if they dont switch. And if they are forced switch consistently you are probably in a good position. Unless of course its darkrai. Then its a completely different story. Keldeo is similar in irritation. But 1 catcher and bangle turns keldeo into catcher bait for OHKO and easy 2 prizes. Though i'll be honest. Beedrill/Cherrim/Pokemon center might be one of the best ways to contend with virizion.


Seeing your supporter count, i can probably trade you some of the standard supporters, i have a bunch of them from league, though i have traded a bunch away. If i see you online later i will trade you some other trainer cards i have extra of if any.

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I don't think they said beedrill/virbank was inferior. but anyways yea I think beedrill/virbank might also work out to be cheaper

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Pokemon 13

3-3 Starmie

2-1-1 Flareon, Leafeon

1 Kyogre ex

1 Suicune

1 Khangaskhan


Supporter: 14

4 Juniper

4 N

2 Skyla

3 Cheren/Bianca/Colress/Caitlin

1 Cilan



2 Level Ball

2 Ultra Ball

4 Switch/Float stone

4 Catchers

1 Town map

1 Eviolite

1 Giant Cape

2 Energy Retrieval

1 Exp Share

1 Rescue Scarf

1 Scoop up cyclone



9 water

4 double colorless


Look for super rod, tool scrapper and a few more things.

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Thanks very much for the advice guys, I appreciate it. Thanks A great deal for the deck build and cards you traded Profen, really appreciated. I will post any updates on the deck later after making the changes and testing it out.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok sorry for not having posted this update sooner. Here are the changes I have made so far after acquiring more cards. I guess this can no longer be called a low budget deck though, lol.




Type Water/Colourless/Fire


Pokemon: X15


PF Evee X4

PF Flareon, PF Glaceon, PF Leafeon X1 each

NV Kyurem. PF Kyurem X1 each (non EX)

ND Staryu X2

ND Starmie X2

PB Suicune X1

PB Kangaskhan X1


Trainers: X33


Energy Retrieval X1

Gold Potion X1

Level Ball X2

Pokemon Catcher X4

Super Rod X2

Superior Energy Retrieval X1

Switch X4

Team Plasma Ball X1

Tool Scrapper X2

Town Map X1

Ultra Ball X1

Cherren X1

N X4

Juniper X3

Skyla X2

Frozen City X1

Rescue Scarf X1

Silver Bangle X1


Energy: X12


Water X9

Double Colourless X3


Still room for improvement probably. My strategy atm is to use Starmie, as per Profen's advice, to keep the defending pokemon confused while I power up my Kyurem or Leafeon, I use Glaceon as support with its power and occasionally attack with it if I have extra energy, I use Flareon later if possible for it's vengeance attack and Leafeon if the opponent is has attached many energies. I use Kangaskhan to stock my bench as soon as possible if I get it during the early part of the game. As you can see there are many more trainers for support now as well. Thanks again to everyone for their advice, especially you Profen.

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Its still pretty low budget since you dont have a lot of expensive pokemon in here. Maybe PLF Kyurem thats about it.


Eitherway if you plan on using starmie as starter, you may want to thicken its line. 3-3 at least. The eevees aren't that great. I know they seem great, but they are not. Probably drop it to 2-2 with Flareon and Leafeon. The glaceon is meh imo. Free retreat is nice, but the kyurems wont get free retreat anyway. Would be better to use float stones or just not retreat at all.


Also the DCE is for who? Just flareon? I thought the kyurems need 2 water energy? I guess you could use it for outrage, but meh why?


I also still dont like Khangaskhan. I would probably never use it to attack and only to call for family. If thats the point then might as well use something like emolga or shaymin if you can get one.


You still need 2 or 3 more supporters. Maybe bianca or cheren.

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