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Hello! Let's start the finals! I was also disappointed of Qualifications results. Many players just didn't battle, many players still have to donate (we are missing 18x packs, so we have 50x packs prize pool). If any players had same score in qualifers, then I had to flip a coin which one will adance to next round, because we already had over 2 weeks for battles, I think that was enought, or even too much.


Round 1 (1/8 final)

1. Grizzlych vs Durrantula (2-1)

2. Buenas30 vs Flaviux (1-2)

3. Rolfeddyboy vs Cuttingedge007 (2-0)

4. Darkrai-ltd vs Ares78 (walkover)

5. Knucklesjess vs The_machampion (0-2)

6. jery95 vs Bruce_lee (2-0)

7. 20tornadus03 vs Cresando (2-1)

8. Cymantex vs 2ance (0-2)


Round 2 (quarterfinals)

1. Rolfeddyboy vs Ares78 (flip)

2. 2ance vs Jery95 (2-1)

3. Flaviux vs 20tornadus03 (flaviux was offline)

4. Grizzlych vs the_machampion (0-2)

In Round 2 we will try upcoming rule - no turn one attack! Good luck everyone

Round 3 (semi-finals)

1. Ares78 vs the_machampion (free pass)

2. 20tornadus03 vs 2ance (2-1)





The Machampion vs 20Tornadus03




Prizes: We have little issues here, because not everyone donated their packs as well. We have actually 50x packs prize pool, so in case of no one donate anymore, we will have:

1st place - 35x packs

2nd place - 10x packs

3rd place - 5x packs




Players who still have to donate:

lucariofan312 - 2x Plasma Blast packs

Tekkenking - 2x Plasma Blast packs

Fatality69 - 2x Plasma Blast packs

Nitemaresb - 4x Plasma Blast packs

SpeedVenosaur -1x Boundaries Crossed pack

Scy7 - 2x Plasma Freeze packs

Japsafad - 2x Plasma Blast pack

Lennyx - 1x Boundaries Crossed pack

rairai20 - 2x Plasma Blast packs

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this round will be short 2ance, we dont have to play 7 matches like before

i dont know how much it will stand, but i think it wont take more than few days

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Note to other players. For some odd reason, everyone but me was almost never online, including the two people from my block, Flavuix and Durrantlua. Also, their only win was against me, but I didn't advance because I only won once and lost twice to them

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hmm im gmt -5 lol. im usually on 3-6 pm. and i have a boatload of work nowadays. ill try my best to find you this weekend :)


3-6 p.m. according to ur time is what I can't do as such a big time difference is there.Anyways trying my best as well to find u.

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