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Pokemon X and Y Friend Codes


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Hi !!!

First of all, I would like to apologies if this type of thread was created previously (its been a while since my last visit). Anyway, I created this thread to exchange friend codes for Pokemon X and Y games.

My Friend code is: 2380-3283-0428.

Name: Khalid.


Please add me first, then leave your friend code in the comments so I could add you back.

Have fun! ^_^




DARKEGGO: 4639-9342-1048.

CRIX_ION: 0903-2842-3593.

STRANGEPOKEMON: 0259-1109-0117.

SAINTS5: 4468-1293-0658.

KDOLL154: 1864-8604-2778.

SKARMORY123: 2380-3263-1870.

PIKAMEW11: 0834-1865-6128.

POKE_BALL_1: 3050-7581-5037.

JACKJACK012: 1032-1422-7069.

DRAGONITE_1: 0645-5871-5471.

OUTTAYAMIND: 4854-7792-2886.

WRATPK: 2423-2990-6171.

DIXON94: 1736-1268-6388.

FREESPIRIT87: 2165-6271-3519.

SOULZ: 4055-4019-2091.

AWESOMEMEDIC: 5472-7524-6438.

SAEPHYREDRAGOON: 3282-2878-2595.

CHARIZARDM: 3695-1444-4176.

BULBAPIN: 3539-9048-0770.

F412: 3110-5338-7420.

DIVINELIGHTNING: 1822-0468-6162.

BATTLER12534: 2277-7085-9627.

SATIC-DRACO: 5171-9874-7537.

HIJARO: 3497-1069-1704.

GRENTIS09: 5172-0966-9384.

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Yeah and the more friends you have, the more types to catch from, so let's keep this thread alive! Bump! P.S: How can you leave a space or start a new line when posting a comment here? :P

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I cannot add you :/ I dont have internet.

Try searching for a free access point in a public area. Otherwise, go to a coffee shop (with Wi-Fi hotspot), buy a coffee and they will give you the password to the Wi-Fi access point.

P.S: Enjoy your Coffee. xD

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I added infinity's,Strangy's,and darkeggo's FC.

Mine is:


Just call me Kdoll

Added! :D (Btw, guys how can I leave a space or start a new line here?) >_<
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