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Latias and exploiting bright down


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So I did a search on the forum and checked out a few ******* channels and couldn’t find anything about this card (which I found surprising, given the potential) so thought I’d go ahead and make the topic.


Bassically I’m wondering if anyone has toyed around with making a deck based around the protection Latias gives. It’s ability Bright Down makes it immune to any pokemon who have abilities, so EX’s like Genesect, Virizion, Darkrai, Keldeo and Deoxys, cards that are pretty prevalent in the current meta are not a problem. It also grants you protection from anti-EX’s Bouffalant, Sigilyph and Suicune.


Currently I’m running it with 2 Latias EX, 2 Giritina EX. Keeps a dragon theme and both barrier break and shred can cut through safeguard.


As for non EX’s I use Reshiram (outrage), Ninetales, Espeon (TP). Note that this is not meant to be a good, I basically just took Latias and then assembled the best fire and psychic I had (and Giratina, just because :P), my collection is still pretty low. Currently I only have one but when I get more I’m considering throwing in some Sigilyph to shut down the EX’s Latias cant like Mewtwo or thunderous.


Just wondering if anyone else has ever toyed around with Latias decks and if they have any potential to actually be competitive. I’d also appreciate it if people could share their Pokemon they think complements Latias best and energy distribution. Currently I'm running 4 blend, 1 prism (only have the 1) 3 fire 3 psychic.



*edit, lol, no idea why that word is censored.

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there is a latias sigilyph deck available in The Top Cut's channel i believe, maybe you can check that out. basically aims to protect you against as many variety of pokemon as possible, latias and sigilyph pretty much covers you for all EXs aside from cobalion (g boooster should also be an exception but the current bug still allows safeguard to protect sigilyph from it) and then there's the additional protection latias gives against some ability non-exs.


I myself have tried it and am still running it at the moment, I will say however that its not really that competitive, breaks down very quickly if your opponent tries anything outside of that protection.

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