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Account crashing


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Ok this is irritating alot,my wife (username yamiphoenixe) made several posts in the forum about her game crashing and still no suggestions mods made helped,worst thing its always the computers fault...How come it happens on my comp and my brothers comp and we all play the same game.So the conclusion is something is wrong with the account.Can u sort something out cuz this is silly,irritating and angering us alot.It´s impossible to play the game at all im now logged currently on my account on her comp after her 10 crashes in 10 minutes and nothing is happening in 15 minutes im siting here.Check the account might solve it

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Hello Grahovac,


If your wife hasn't already tried, her issue might be solved with a clean install. If she hasn't tried this, ask her to remove all traces of the game from her computer and re-download the files to a different directory than before on a stable connection.


If your wife is still unable to run the Pokémon TCG Online after re-installation from the new folder, I recommend she send in a ticket to the Support Team. They have the tools to assist her the fastest from that point. When she sends in the ticket, make sure it is sent in by herself as the account owner and tell her to include any solutions she has attempted


I hope this information has been helpful! The instructions for sending in a ticket are in my signature should you or your wife need them.



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Hi Grahovac,


I tested the account, did not experience any crashes.


Here are a few tips...


-Under "Settings", set "Performance Settings" to "Fastest".

-Under "Screen Resolution" set it to 1024x768.

-Set game to run "Windowed".


Although you use the same computer, perhaps her system settings are different in-game.


When the game crashes look for an error message on the screen. Go to your 'Pokemon Trading Card Game Online' folder and see if there are any crash folders in there. If so, contact Customer Support and include the latest error.log file.


Hope it helps!

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