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Stuff for sale, selling exes sr's n more looking for pack n tb's


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Hello folks,

I recently saw a thread like this and thought why not try this myself.

I am looking for 1 tropical beach preferably from 2011 but not necessarily.

(H) / h means holo or foil


I am selling:




ho-oh ex - 2.5 packs (dr e)

Cobalion ex fa - 5 packs (ps)

white kyurem ex - 2 packs (ps)

virizion ex - 7.5 packs (pb)

victini ex - 3 packs (ps)

rayquaza ex - 3 packs (dr e)

palkia ex fa - 5 packs (pb)

mewtwo ex fa - 11 packs (nd)

mew ex - 4 packs (dr e)

landorus ex fa - 7 packs (bc)

kyurem ex - 3 packs (pb)

kyogre ex - 2 packs (dark ex)

genesect ex - 7 packs (pb) ~sold out~




SR Catcher - 14 packs ~~Sold out~~

Sr max potion - 9 packs (pf)

Sr ultra ball - 10 packs (pf) ~~SOLD OUT~~

Sr R. candy - 11 packs (pb)

Sr Random receiver - 4 packs (ps)

Max potion (h) - 2 packs (epo)

reg ultra ball - 0.5 pack (dark ex)

rare candy (h) - 1 pack (pb / dark ex)

random receiver - 0.5 pack (dark ex)

prof oak - 1.5 pack (col)

prof juniper - 0.5 pack (pb / dark ex)

potion - 0.25 pack (bc)

pokemon catcher - 1 pack (pb)

N - 0.5 pack (dark ex)

plasma ball - 0.5 pack (pf)

plasma badge - 0.5 pack (pf)

superior e. retrieval - 0.5 pack (pf)

silver mirror - 0.5 pack (pb)

shadow triad - 0.5 pack (pf)

seeker - 1.5 pack (hs triump)

scramble switch - 2 packs (ps)

scoop up cyclone - 2 packs (pb)

master ball - 1.5 pack (pb)

dowsing machine - 2 packs (ps)

rocky helmet - 0.25 pack (bc)

reversal trigger - 0.5 pack (pb)

heavy ball - 0.5 pack (nd)

great ball - 0.5 pack (bc)

frozen city - 0.5 pack (pf)

dark patch - 0.5 pack (dark ex)

crystal edge - 1 pack (bc)

cover fossil - 0.25 pack (pb)

colress - 0.5 pack (ps)

caitlin (reg) - 0.5 pack (pb)

caitlin (h) - 1.25 pack (pb)

bicycle - 0.5 pack (ps)

energy retrieval - 0.5 pack (pb / bw)

aspertia c gym - 0.5 pack (bc)

town map - 0.5 pack (bc)


~other pokemon~


reuniclus (ability) - 2 packs (bw)

Reuniclus (ability) rev h - 2.5 packs (bw)

ho-oh legend (top) - 2.5 packs (hgss)

lugia legend (top) - 3 packs (hgss)

lugia legend (bottom) - 3 packs (hgss)

lugia legend (full) - 5 packs ( combo price) (jungle set >:D)

milotic rev h - 0.5 pack (dr e)

meloetta rev h - 1 pack (bc)

meloetta h - 0.5 pack (bc)

machamp holo - 0.5 pack (pb)

machamp rev holo - 0.75 pack (pb)

lucario dual armor h - 0.5 pack (ps)

gliscor h - 2 packs (hs undaunted)

empoleon h - 1.0 packs (dark ex)

blastoise deluge h - 1.5 packs (bc)

blastoise deluge h - 1.5 packs (pb)

beartic (sheer cold) rev h - 0.5 packs (nv)

victini (fliptini) rev h - 1.5 packs (nv)

pokepower venomoth - 2 packs (hs triumphant)

bright veil togekiss - 0.5 (ps)


and many more i can add to the list on request :)

Please requests down in the "comments" and if you think im off concerning some prices feel free to tell me and if i agree i can give a discount :)

Come on folks i need the packs please buy some of my cards.

I might give discounts on just about anything just pm me in game




Tropical beach 2011 (1x)

Tropical beach 2012 (1(?)x)

Champions festival (4x)


I can offer either packs or cards for these :) ask me in game or in the comments for what I am offering or make me an offer :)


Thank you all in advance,


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Just a quick notice, if you want anything please either post it here or make me the offer in game, because when you just friend me i dont know why and i might decline your request because I get about 15 of them from random people daily

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hey maybe you would get more if you included cards from sets. Maybe include them sets because most incs that are successful include list in sets I would buy some but I trade no buying from me

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hey man thanks for your input :P ill try. but i'm not really trying to become an inc. i just want to get my beaches and champions festivals :) after that im done

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well it woud be better to start trading those cards in lobbies as well and try getting packs because everyone who has tropical beach wants pCKS

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well, i currently havent got the funds to make such a purchase, but i have 15 pb packs perhaps you can make me an offer with packs and cards combined chisox?

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Hi can I please get


1x SR Max Potion - 9

Total 9 Packs.

I would like to pay full in PF Please.

Thanks and let me know :)


sure thing buddy :) are your packs tagged? if so ill send you an offer as soon as possible ;)

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i can trade u 25 packs

:S you can trade your beach for 25? if so contact me asap svp :) cuz then i want it, if you want his, dont bother he wouldnt sell it to me either for 35.

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