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Secret Rare Dusknoir/Garchomp And Others For Trade


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I currently have a decent number of cards available for trade.The noteworthy cards I've run across are as follows (I'll try to list them by sets);

Secret Rares-

1 Garchomp PF

1 Dusknoir PB


Plasma Blast-

Reversal Trigger

4 Silver Bangle

Holo Juniper

G Scope/G Booster

3 Caitlin

4 Porygon/2 Porygon 2

6 Kangaskhan


2 Chatot

2 Escavalier

3 Houndour/1 Houndoom Full Holo


2 Salamence/1 Full Holo

3 Fraxure

3 Machamp/1 Full Holo

2 Sigilyph/1 Holo 1 Full Holo


3 Golurk/Holo/**;; Holo/Regular

2 Suicune

3 Relicanth

8 Lapras

4 Volcarona/1 Holo




Silver Mirror

Ultra Ball


Plasma Freeze-


3 Bisharp-Uncommon




2 Confagrigus



Other Sets-

PS Gallade

ND Darmanitan

ND Zebstrika

ND Vanilluxe

ND Pinsir

2 Holo Skyarrow Bridge

2 PB Rare Candy

2 Pokemon Center

Crystal Edge/White Kyurem EX

2 ND Bronzor/1 Holo/1 ND Bronzog

PS Clefable

ND Cinccino

ND Weavile

2 ND Persian/1 Holo

2 Aspertia Gym

PS Exploud


3 White Kyurem

DE Stunfisk

PF Full Holo Dragonite

BC Holo Whirlipede

ND Muk

2 Pcychic Promo Meloetta

Holo BC Grumpig

3 DE Houndoom


Things I'll Trade For The Right Offer-

2 Full Holo BC Blastoise

2 Cresselia EX



I think this is the bulk of the major things I wanted to mention.There are more in my binder,I just didn't feel a need to mention them.


Things I'm Looking For-

Packs (any for the right trade,but mostly PB)

Darkrai EX(Prefer DEX,but will accept any for a fair offer)

3 PF Mr.Mime

Up to 3 PF Kyurem.

If you're interested in anything I've listed here,or want to look at what else I have,add me in-game and make an offer,PM me or comment here letting me know what you want,what you're offering and when you'll be available to make the trade.Also,Please make sure if you add me and want me to make the offer that what you are offering is marked for trade.

Thanks For Looking.

Tigerking13(also my in game name)

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