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Hello, im trading some cards and maybe ye want something there's in here





  1. [*=center]
    [*=center]:rolleyes: Shiny Execute 5-6 Packs

    [*=center]Shiny Virizion 6-7 packs

    [*=center] G-Scope 1 pack

    [*=center] Gold Potion 2-3 Packs
    [*=center] Heatran EX FA 4 packs
    [*=center]Genesect ex Not Really ft
  2. Kyurem EX (Next Destenies) 4-5 packs
  3. Golden Rocky Helmet 5 packs
  4. White Kyurem EX 2 PACKS!!! Only for 2 WEEKS!!!

  5. I think thats the most importend thing just pm me Bye

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