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Hi, I just opened some more packs and pulled these cards. I'd love to know the selling prices for them. I know how economies in game that involve trading work, so I know that the big trading groups will buy for less and sell for more. An accurate price check on what I can properly sell them for would be great, thanks.


Full art Victini Ex

Full art Lugia Ex

Team Plasma Ball

Foil Ludicolo

Team Plasma Leafeon

Team Plasma Kyurem (Non-ex)

Foil Team Plasma Hydreigeon


Frozen City

Team Plasma Druddigon

Colress Machine

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Full art Victini Ex - 5 packs

Full art Lugia Ex - 7 packs

Team Plasma Ball - 0.5 packs

Foil Ludicolo - 0.5 packs

Team Plasma Leafeon - 1 pack

Team Plasma Kyurem (Non-ex) - 2 packs

Foil Team Plasma Hydreigeon - 0.5 packs

Hariyama - 0.5 packs

Frozen City - 0.5 packs

Team Plasma Druddigon - 0.5 packs

Colress Machine - 0.5


prices in quote

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