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Game crashes like all the time


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Hi there,

I'm from Germany so please excuse my bad English >.<

I downloaded PTCGO yesterday but hadn't much of a chance to play it, because it crashes all the time. It doesn't matter what I do, even at the start screen it crashes, into duels, when i try to chat and so on. I always get that notification from Windows that "its not working anymore". Any suggestions how to solve this problem?

My Computer's Data:

Windows 8

Intel Core i7-4702MQ

Nvidia GT 750M


Thanks :D

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Hello trainer!


Unfortunately, we've seen many users experience similar problems on Windows 8. As the game is not yet optimized for this OS, we can offer very limited advice regarding the matter. I'll leave this thread open for now, in case any players have fixes to share with you.


Thanks for your patience!

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