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Wanting to Make a Lightning/Psy Deck!


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Hey everyone! I'm new to the forums and the game. I've bought a few packs and gotten some cards but I think I've focused on a lightning/psy deck. I think this will be good but I have NO idea what cards to put in it. If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it!

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Are we talking cheap or expensive? Does it need to use both energy? Is it limited to electric and psychic pokemon, or are things that use only colorless energy okay?


either way. Zebstrika with Disconnect and Garbodor is a common deck of those energy types. Electric pokemon aren't too highly used above that and Thundurus Ex.


Psychic pokemon dont really combine well with electric too well. They are on different blends and as stated, not too many electric pokemon are used. Though psychic has a lot of used pokemon. Electric's weakness is sort of covered by psychic type, but not that well.

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Then what two colors would you suggest for a good starter deck? It can be somewhat expensive if need be. It doesn't matter. I'm just trying to figure out what colors go well together.


I have a good amount of Fire, Dark, Electric, Psychic and Water pokemon so far. Anything using those would be good.

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I think its better to name the pokemon you have, building a deck is more than jsut about putting 2 different type pokemons together

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I have over 500. That's a lot to name. I'm just trying to figure out how to really make a competitive deck. I can't figure out which colors go well together. I assume you pick one type and then pick its weakness as your second color. That's what I've gathered from reading random boards online and googling. Now I just need to really figure out synergy with the pokemon's abilities. Like for example, Fire has a lot of cards that will discard fire energies from the pokemon for executing a move. Is there another color that takes advantage of the discard pile? I started the thread with interest in a lightning/psy deck, but as the first poster mentioned...it's not really used. So now I'm just trying to figure ANYTHING out.

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well if you've obtained the 500 cards from 10 card boosters then that's maybe 50 rare cards with potential repeats so it might not be as much to maybe list some of the rares? could be a good idea if you could list at least something cuz otherwise we could very well end up listing a deck that you have none of the cards.


I think the better way is as you said to look into cards that can potentially work together. The team plasma weavile works well with exeggcute but it doesn't really make it a grass/darkness deck since weavile is the star of the deck always. Some decks include a mr mime or electrode family but it doesn't really make it a psychic/electric combo deck.


having said that I can give you a few examples of a few decks that do use a few types as attackers.

Latias/Sigiliyph deck - Dragon/Psychic combo - attacks with 1 or the other depending on which provides the advantage

Volcarona/Dustox - Fire/Psychic combo - while main attacker will often be dustox with volcarona as support, the use of blends and dces in the deck mean volcarona can be a viable attacker as well.

Flareon anti-meta deck - Fire/Grass/etc deck - essentially this decks uses various elements as an advantage and counter to the popular top tier decks.

Mew/Zebstrika - psychic/electric combo - technically zebstrika is the main attacker and mew is just there to add in as a extra fighter but he adds the advantage of a different type as well.


there are a lot of other decks that use more than 1 type of pokemon but those combinations I don't consider as a real combo deck because in most cases there is 1 dominant type that does the attacking and there is a passive type the lingers behind the scenes fueling the main attacker. if however that is what you are looking for here are a few:

Umbreon/Beartic - dark/water - uses umbreon to boost hp while beartic hits

Victini/Staraptor - fire/normal - uses victini to charge staraptor

Blastoise/Black Kyurem - water/dragon - uses blastoise to charge Black Kyurem EX

Flareon/Cofagrigus - fire/psychic - uses cofagrigus to boost flareon's attack

Weavile/Exeggcute - dark/grass - uses exeggcute to discard for Weavile's attack

Anything with Garbodor - Anything/Psychic - uses Garbodor to block abilities while Anything attacks

Ninetales/Amoongus - fire/grass - uses Amoongus to boost ninetale's attack

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Yeah that helps a lot thanks! Those few archetypes are pretty good! Let me list some rares that I have from the different elements.


Grass: Accelgor, Cacturne, Cradily, Genesect x2, Leafeon, Leavanny, Masquerain, Meganium, Vespiquen x3,

Fire: Arcanine, Chandelure, Heatran EX, Magmortar, Moltres, Ninetails, Typhlosion x3, Victini EX

Water: Beartic, Beartic x3 (Powerful Rage), Blastoise (Deluge), Blastoise (Wash Out), Feraligatr, Froslass (Cursed Glare), Gyrados, Jellicent (Spiteful Spirit), Kingdra, Kyurem EX, Manaphy (Final Wish), Seismitoad x2, Sharpedo x2 (Rough Skin), Suicine (Safeguard), Walrein

Electric: Ampharos x2, Elektross x2, Electrode (Magnetic Draw), Galvantula, Lanturn, Luxray x2, Magnezone, Raikou EX x2, Thundurus x2, Thundurus EX x2, Zebstrika, Zekrom x4, Zekrom (Mach Claw)

Psychic: Azelf x2, Cofagrigus (Six Feet Under), Crobat (Night Sight), Darmanitan, Drifblim (Drifting Balloon), Garbodor x2, Garbodor x2 (Biosmog), Giratina, Golurk, Metagross (Plasma Search), Mr Mime (Bench Barrier), Reuniclus x2, Sableye, Sigilyph x2 (Tool Box), Swoobat, Uxie x2, Weezing (Aftermath)

Fighting: Conkeldurr x2 (Craftsmanship), Conkeldurr x2 (Facade), Excadrill, Gigalith, Krookodile, Lucario, Machamp (Badge of Discipline), Machamp x4 (Knock Off), Throh x3,

Dragon: Altaria, Garchomp, Salamence

Dark: Bisharp, Houndoom, Liepard x2, Scrafty x2, Scrafty (Kick Away), Weavile, Weavile x2 (Dark Penalty),

Metal: Aggron x2, Cobalion EX, Escavalier x2, Ferrothorn, Klinklang (Shift Gear), Klinklang (Plasma Steel), Probopass, Steelix

Normal: Clefable (Moon Guidence), Dodrio x3, Exploud, Porygon Z, Snorlax x2 (Block), Togekiss (Bright Veil), Togekiss, Ursaring


Please don't make me do that again lol.

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Looks like Beartic might be a viable option if you manage to get the umbreons since u have a fair amount of them


if your garbodor is the garbotoxin variant there are a few combinations to lookinto there as well


you seem to have a fair bit of stuff suitable for the Tool box deck, which runs tool box sigily and tool drop trubbish along with masquerain


Klinklang deck might be possible which involves both klinklangs that you have as well as the cobalion ex that you have


Weavile exeggcute seems possible as well if u can get some weaviles


in any case it looks like you'll need to be doing some trading to get everything you need for a decent deck. And I guess now that you've listed everything it might be easier for people to see what they can help you with

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Thanks for all the help! I've been getting most of the B&W boosters. Actually I've been getting all of the B&W boosters, lol. Are there any other boosters I should look into? Or are the Plasma Blast boosters enough? Any common/uncommons I should look for or abilities in those two rarities for a beartic/umbreon combo. And how many of each?

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yea definitely you'll be needing variety from the other booster packs as well, keep in mind that the current format only includes cards from next destinies and onwards.


main cards you should be looking out for are trainers I think, to allow yourself to have a good level of versatility in building decks there are a few staple Trainers that you should look into getting:

4 Junipers

4 N

1-2 Colress

3-4 Skyla

4 Rare Candy

3 Colress machine

4 pokemon catcher (may not be as relevant in near future)

2 tool scrapper

some Ace Specs (Computer Search/ Dowsing Machine tends to be preferred)

2-3 Silver mirrors

2-3 Silver Bangles

1-2 Super rod

4 hypnotoxic lasers

2 of each stadium card

3-4 ultra/level/heavy balls

2-3 Float Stones


keep in mind you don't need to have all of this, but these cards are very often seen in many decks so its not a waste to get them if u see a deal


Junk Hunt sableeye is probabaly the harder uncommon pokemon to get but aside from him most of the other uncommons should be fairly easy to get


the uncommon energy like Blends and Prisms are also a bit difficult to get, double colorless is practically free now and plasma energy is available in so many sets its probabaly not an issue.

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Awesome! Thanks for the tips! I'll look around and definitely invest in some other boosters so that I can get a good mix of cards. I'll look out for those trainer cards.

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