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Hi Aamion,


First, please ensure that your Mac meets the minimum system requirements below. If you're on the low end of the system requirements listed below, then it may cause issues. You might want to try playing at a lower resolution to see if that helps, also make sure that all of your device drivers are up to date.



OS: Mac OS X 10.6.2 Snow Leopard

CPU: Intel Core Duo Processor

RAM: 1024 MB

Video: ATI X1600, NVidia 7300 GT, or Intel integrated graphics chip



OS: Mac OS X 10.6.2 Snow Leopard or higher

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor

RAM: 1024MB or higher

Video: ATI 2600, NVidia x6xx or higher video card with 256 MB of Video RAM


Below you will find a couple of popular tips to help get TCGO up and running.



1. Please attempt to open the download package and drag both the TCGO game executable and the refresher in to your "Applications Folder". Your computer may be trying to run the refresher program from the applications folder. After dragging it there, run the refresher and load TCGO.


2. From your home screen, click on "Go" and look for the "Library" folder. If you do not see it, hold the "ALT / OPTION" key and it should appear. In the Library folder go to the "Saved Application State" folder and find the folders associated with the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (should be one for the refresher and one for the game itself), delete these files. Try launching the game.

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