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The Vhampster Pacific Time Zone Guild


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Purpose of Guild:

  1. Networking
  2. Playtesting
  3. Pooling resources


  • Swap Meet every evening (7 days a week!) at 8:30 PM Pacific Time

Bring a binder with anything you have more than 4 copies of (cards) or more than 1 of (avatar, deckboxes, etc) Or, if you're an expert gamer, just fill your binder with whatever. Just make sure they're not all Bidoofs. :cool:

---> There are still glitches in system involving items still being tagged that are no longer owned. {EDIT: has this been fixed?}


Do's and Don't's:


  • Don't nag people about things that aren't in their trade binders
  • Do ask people if they have anything else they didn't have time to tag for trade. Be patient with counter offers as the tagging system isn't perfected :cool:


  • Free Play every evening from 4-10 PM Pacific Time. I try to keep it open for anyone in this time zone, but if you are free only in the morning - I'm sure there are people willing to accommodate that, too!




  • DIY tournaments (post in PVP forums as GMT -8 i.e. Pacific Time Zone entry only)

Prize Support: prestige

---------> this is not up for discussion


Do's and Don't's:

  • Don't play theme decks
  • Do playtest within the group and other groups on PTCGO forums or directly in-game :cool:


Entry Requirements

You must be in GMT -8 (Pacific Time)


  • "Sign roster": Post your in-game PTCGO username, your GMT, a greeting, and your preferred playtime [day + time] (eg. Saturday morning, after school at 4pm, or after work at 8 or 9pm)


Keep in Mind


Disconnects result in a game loss. Turn of background programs like Netflix as they bog down connections. Being AFK during a match will decrease your reputation in the league. If you do not live in GMT -8 please create your own time zone league and have fun!




Hey everyone! My name is Catherine and I am a longtime PC videogamer and pokemon fanatic - since.......1999. I live in California. I have two associates degrees (one in Math and Science; the other in Liberal Arts) and studied English at a four-year UC.


I believe many of you viewing and using these forums are in the Pacific Time Zone (GMT -8).

This includes California, Washington, Oregon, and various other places.

It's hard to set up PTCGO tournaments, let alone participate in them. Differing time zones, and lack of physical contact make things even more complicated. Don't make them harder by making people stay up until 3 am to play a game with you!

My goal is to encourage PTCGO to have a league for every time zone. Again, if you do not live in GMT -8 please create your own time zone league. Thank for your time! ;)




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Hello trainers,


In order to protect the safety and privacy of all players, posting personal information is not permitted. This includes usernames for other games, websites, etc., as well as specific locations. You can read more about this rule and others in the Official Forum Code of Conduct.


Thanks for your understanding!

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@RAINTHE ANGELS No. Guild rules state otherwise. If you read the original post, I encourage people to start a PTCGO guild for the different time zones. Good luck

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hey do you want to play test in a few hours i want to get some practice in for regionals


Are you in GMT -8 (Pacific Time?) If so then yes. And I should be available tomorrow afternoon-evening as well

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seeing as there's not enough activity thread it will probably fade into oblivion. However, I would like to remind people who read this to start guilds/leagues in their own time zone. That way it's easier to play a match on a regular basis, rather than say someone across the globe (which is totally awesome and definitely possible on PTCGO online, but is still not feasible for many with differing work, school, and sleep schedules).

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Thanks for participating everyone! I will try and find you guys in-game. Lately I haven't been able to get the Deck editor working properly so if I battle with something that isn't top-tier, well there's part of the reason.

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