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No boosters after 12/12 wins o.O?


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Have 2 buggs to report.


1. I have played 1 deck now with 12/12 games won on expert mode but I havent got any free boosters.....

Havent tried to play more decks because I dont know if Im gonna get any boosters for them :S


2. When I check my wanted list..Its empty and I have some cards there....When I check collection and cards...I see they are tagged as wanted but they doesnt show up in the list.


Is this a bug or a ingame error of some kind?


Thanks :)

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I have a 3:d bug to report...( mby the dev team havent solved it yet )


All my coins have the basic red coin....Should have 6 diffrent coins but ALL shows up as the basic red one in pvp/trainer challenge ecc.

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