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Duplicate theme decks


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After the recent update (3/10/13) i noticed i have multiple of certain decks, one of them has the original wins/games and the other has 0/0 as if it was a brand new deck, i even have double of all the cards in those decks


http://imgur.com/aiWrQck Two dragon snarl

http://imgur.com/2kRXjkc Two frost ray and 3 power relay

http://imgur.com/XUOrYx6 Four rallying cry

(sorry only way i can post pictures i cant attach files)


May have happened because you can't trade theme deck cards anymore but i still would rather only have one of each theme deck not 2 - 4 hopefully you can fix this so its only 1 theme deck when you pick to play and keep the original win / game scores

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