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Offer a Big EX Pack for a good price


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Hi offer following EX's:


[6] 2x Thundurus EX (Promo)

[8] 4x Rayquaza EX (Promo)

[11] 2x Deoxys EX (Promo)

[6] 2x Tornadus EX

[10] 2x Mewtwo EX

[4] 1x Mew EX

[3] 1x Lugia EX

[5] 2x Ho-Oh EX

[2] 1x Cresselia EX

[3] 1x Celebi EX (Full Art)


That all accounts up to 54 PB Packs. Im offering it for 50 Plasma Blast Packs!! Add me in game!!

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