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Anti-EX deck idea.Need Opinions Please.


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I was trying to find a new anti-EX deck idea and this is what I came up with.


2 Keldeo EX

2 Darkrai EX

2 Absol

3 Sableye DEX

4 Suicune PB

4 Sigilyph DE


1 Scoop Up Cyclone

2 Skyla

3 Dark Patch

3 Ether

3 Pokedex

3 Professor Juniper

4 Ultra Ball

4 N



6 Water

6 Psychic

8 Dark

I have run this deck a few times and it seems to work pretty well.Sableye cycles Scoop Cyclone if I need to use it and pokedex and ether and patches to help get energy out faster for Absol,my main attacker.Keldeo and Darkrai are mainly support,but Keldeo can be used to attack if need be.Juniper/Ultra Ball/Patch will again speed up my energy generation capability.

At first I was going to run it with 4 Sableye,4 Juniper,but I only have 3 Sableye,and I figured I should include Skyla as well.The only other thing i thought about was to replace Cyclone with Scramble Switch,but again,I don't have it.

I'm feeling after I see the deck in action that I could take out a couple Juniper and maybe even a couple Ultra Balls and replece them with something since Sableye can cycle those too if need be.If I were to do that,I don't know what I would put in.I'm also wondering if 8 Safeguard is a little to much.Need your opinions,keep it as is or change it some,and if so ,how.Leave your opinions please.THANKS! :)

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double colorless to speed up sigilyph/suicune, possibly Keldeo if you're desperate

silver mirrors to counter all Plasma EX

tool scrappers to disable garbodor

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This is a good deck idea. I run one similar with suicune and bouffa, mainly based on tools: silver mirror to prevent damange from plasma ex, silver band to do 150 with bouffa, eviolite to have a defensive bouffa and it also works pretty well but I still need to improve it.

I'd use Cilan instead of ether, it is a supporter but as you ahve three different types of energy it will be more useful.

Magic Mirror is essencial to give a match to deoxys decks

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The biggest reason I chose Ether/Dex combo was to rearrange the top of the deck and ether it to my pokemon and then cycle ether if there were enough energy to do it again.I do have 2 caitlin i could replace junis with now that i think about it to try and get other cards i need since ive noticed my hand can be pretty huge sometimes.I dont have any silver mirrors,and i dont know what i shold replace with them,same with DCE accept i have those.also not sure what to replace with tool scrapers.

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