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New player here, trying to make a Fire/Water deck


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I recently started to learn this game using the Pomeon TCGO program. I want to try to make a fire/water deck that uses Blaziken to sweep and Milotic for setup. So far, using the cards I could scrounge together on TCGO, my current decklist is:



Torchic x3

Combusken x2

Blaziken X1

Victini EX x1

Feebas x3

Milotic x1

Lapras x2

Oshawott x3

Dewott x2

Samurott x1

Dunsparce x1



Dowsing Machine x1

Energy Retrieval x2

Energy Search x2

Great Ball x2

Level Ball x2

Ultra Ball x2

Superior Energy Retrieval x1

Bianca x2

Cheren x4

Cilan x2

N x3

Skyla x2



Water Energy x8

Fire Energy x7


The basic idea is to set up a lot of draw early on using Feebas and Dunsparce. Tutor out Milotic ASAP and use it to get whichever cards you want. Set up Blaziken while you do this and use N to put cards back into my deck so I don't deck myself with all the draw. After Blaziken is good to go, use energy accel cards to keep it stocked with fire energies. Victini EX is basically there so that I can put extra energies onto my Pokemon until it dies. Lapras is there to take up space until I get better cards.


Obviously the deck could be far more elegant, but I do not have the cards to make it so. Ideally I would want several Victini EX cards, and I would remove Lapras and possibly the Samurott line altogether. I'd also like to add a Master ball, and possibly replace the Blaziken line if there is a more effective fire type sweeper in the game. I also want to add more control cards so that Bla

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so basically what you're listing to us is basically 80% theme deck. This is very very bad.


if you've had any real pvp experience in the game it will teach you very quickly(even in novice battles) that 30 hp pokemon like Feebas don't often survive in the active position for very long. furthermore the fact that Feebas doesn't even guarantee a card draw makes him pretty bad.


with only 1 Blaziken and 1 Milotic you are hardly going to "sweep" anything.


u mentioned energy accel cards but I don't see any in your deck aside from victini EX. retrievals, cilans and energy searches are not energy accelerators, they just get you energy but do not accelerate the 1 energy per turn, they are at best energy obtainers.


Victini EX's turbo energise works by getting energy from the deck, onto your pokemon, so if he's doing that job, the energy obtainers are not that necessary.




the theme decks unfortunately give people this false impression that the way to build a good deck is to just put in the cards you like and things will just work out. But in reality that just doesn't happen. you have the right train of thought to think of an overall strategy of how to run your deck, but I think the most important other aspect to be thinking of is to consider what your opponents will be playing. If you've played the trainer challenges you would have had a glimpse at some of card that can break your strategy like N and pokemon catcher. you need to think about these and consider what you would do to counter. At this moment there's a lot to work on this deck but as a start I would recommend a few things


build a stronger pokemon evolution line, 3-3-3 at least if you don't have rare candy and 4-1-3/4 if you do. when playing stage 2 pokemon its almsot essential to have rare candy but if you don't have it it can't be helped I guess.


add in stronger supporters like junipers instead of cherens and biancas.



if you haven't tried your deck out in pvp I think it might be a good idea to give it a go, at least it'll give you an idea of what the pvp scene is like, unfortunately even at novice difficulty it is very hard to obtain wins when you're running mostly theme deck cards.

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He is a new player for a reason, you don't have to be so pushy about it Chrono.



oops sorry, i did consider that I might've been a bit rude there, but I felt I needed to emphasise that something like that really isn't gonna work

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It's all good, no offense was taken.


Like I said, it is mostly due to lack of cards that the deck is so ghetto. I just tried to compensate for not having 4 of each Pokemon by loading the deck with tutors and energy search. Is the core idea at least a viable one? Feebas may die quickly, but it only really takes one Clear Search with Milotic to really get some momentum going.


In regards to the Cheren/Bianca instead of Juniper, I use them because the cards that I have in my hand are precious, especially if it is Blaziken or Milotic, and I can't go discarding them ***** nilly. I'll likely switch back once I get more copies of each.


Are there any specific suggestions you have in regards to energy accel cards, tutors, draw, and other pokemon combos? Blaziken and Milotic are great on thier own, but there isn't really any synergy there.

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acceleration would include cards like double colorless if applicable and ether. EXP share can also be considered somewhat of an acceleration

other options that might not be applicable to you would be like the deluge of Blastoise, turbo energise of victini, inferno fandango of emboar, and emerald slash of virizion, but these are much more expensive options.

not familiar with the term tutor. cheren and bianca I suppose are the next best thing as draw cards if you don't want to use juniper.

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Oh sorry, tutor is a term from MTG that means taking a card of your choice out of your deck and putting it into your hand.


I do have the Blastoise line ready to use, I'll replace the Samurott line with that.


I have one rare candy in TCGO, but I guess it's better than nothing. At the very least I can tutor it out with Skyla. I'll put in some EXP shares and Ethers seeing as I have way too much energy obtain in the deck as of now.


Other than that, does it seem ok? Is Blaziken even a viable sweeper? 3 energy for 130 damage is pretty good when compared to other cards, but again I'm not familiar with that many cards.

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130 is a decent amount of the damage, the only problem are the EXs that have 180 hp which can makes things difficult.

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Is there any fancy way to deal with EXs aside from hoping you attack first? Most of them don't deal excessive amounts of damage, they're just annoying because they can hit your bench and they live forever. Would it be in my interest to include anti-EX cards in the deck? If so, what are they? The only one I can think of currently is Bouffalant and it's not even that great.

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boufalant is great if you think exs have low attacks then with boufer boufalant and also with the bench damager add a mr mime or 2 and its thingy attack umm gold breaker can beat mew ex idk about celebi and vic ex

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also eviolite with boufallant and if ur cards are precious and u only have one of each then rescue scarf might be something to consider

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Adding all that seems a bit excessive just to defeat EX Pokemon. I might end up having room for it, but including a hard counter to something that not every opponent will have seems silly.

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ultimately the best defense is a good offense as they say, best way to defeat ex might be to have an EX of your own to stand up against it. Back when they first introduced the first few EXs there were Mewtwo wars going about where the best counter for a mewtwo was essentially a mewtwo of your own. Thankfully nowadays there are a lot more variety of exs to counter exs.

if not running exs is not your style the other method would be to use EX defense such as sigilyph and suicune with the safeguard ability which would protect against most exsfor a while, or plasma Klinklang which protect all metal pokemon from exs

the last option which is the least likely to be effective is to use exs specific attack like Gold breaker which deals more damage to EX pokemon or that attack from team plasma jolteon which prevents ex pokemon from attacking. I say its less effective because those attacks often don't do enough damage to be significant or they take too much energy to charge up.

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Suicune is definitely an option since the deck is water. I want to run EX Victini, but not for the purposes of attacking anything. EX Reshiram does quite a bit of damage but has costly upkeep. I'll figure it out eventually.


Is there any other community online that has competitive Pokemon TCG decklists so I can peruse around? That would be a big help.

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