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1.13.27 Patch Notes | October 3, 2013


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General: Various fixes to card bugs and game bugs.


General: Additional screens added for the User Experience.


Deck Manager: The new UI has been applied to the Deck Manager.


Deck Manager: Deck Wizard has been temporarily disabled.


Versus Mode: The versus screen now displays an icon to indicate the player who is favored to win the match, based on past play and other criteria. While in Expert mode, the underdog will receive an additional two Trainer Tokens should he or she defeat the favored player.


Trainer Challenge: The card unlock system has been removed for all theme decks received via code or Trainer Token redemption. Players will now be able to use the exact contents of these decks immediately, rather than gradually unlock the contents over 12 matches. The Basic decks will continue to use the card unlock system.


Shop: A selection of sleeves and deckboxes are now available in the Shop for Trainer Tokens. These items are currently set to untradeable during this testing period.


Shop: Codes which previously unlocked the Power Relay promotional theme deck will now instead unlock the Rallying Cry promotional theme deck.

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