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Attack by Lugia EX (Promo) does not give an extra prize card

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Card: Lugia EX (Black Star Promo)

Card Number: BW83

Expected Action: In a player vs player Expert match, I attacked with Lugia's Plasma Gale attack and knocked out an opponent's Horsea. I should have been prompted to draw 2 prizes for this action.

Actual Action: I was prompted to draw the regular 1 prize card for knocking out Horsea. This happened twice in the same match. I later played a practice match against a computer to try and duplicate the bug. The first time I used Plasma Gale to knock out an opponent, it worked correctly and gave me 2 prize cards, but the second time I used it to knock out an opponent's Pokemon, it prompted me to draw only 1 (when I had 2 prizes left and should have won the match by that attack).

Steps to Reproduce: As noted above, I'm not certain how often this bug takes effect. Attacking with Plasma Gale attack will sometimes trigger this bug, but not always. I only have one Lugia EX to test with, so it is difficult for me to experiment with how often it appears.


Thank you for your time in helping to resolve this bug.

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Hello Wadsworth!


Chronophysicist is indeed correct. The development team is aware of this issue and will be looking for a fix when possible. Regardless, we appreciate your report! :)


I'll be closing this thread. Thanks again!

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