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Sourcing a charmander...


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First off - sorry if wrong area for thread. This seemed the most appropriate section... I'm looking for a charmander, however you can't trade the cards you get in booster packs you got in game, and I don't have anything tradable. Don't suppose there's anyone kind enough to give one away? Assuming it's possible.

If not, does anyone know what chance a particular card (the Boundary's Crossed charmander is a common 18/149) has of appearing in a 5 card booster pack, so that I can work out a rough guide for how long I'll be grinding out the Trainer Challenge/Expert PvP for player tokens to get Boundary's Crossed expansions... Thanks in advance for either answer.
Edit to add: No longer looking for one, a Boundary's Crossed 10 card booster pack had a normal charmander and a holographic charmander. Thanks for reading.
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