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This should be My perm Thread home...


Currently stocked with a few Plasma Blast packs .. but i want other types of packs,

If you have Some And Want the new Set, Leave a comment

Trading ratio 1 PlasmaBlast for 2 Of your packs. Thanks and game on!




P.S. My Genesect EX FA is Still up for grabs 13 Packs

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No Just been stuck with Plasmablast since everyone seems to have those, I'd like dark explorers myself....



Rememer Most my offers I'll have are in the Trade market as much as possible.

I don't Put my Genesect EX up cause redoing the packs every time is annoying lol


Trades as of now:

Genesect EX FA,13

Heatran EX 3

Black Kyurem EX 3 (dragon fang)

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Trades are same as last night

Everything on the Trading market.

Also anyone have 3 Darkpatchs there willing to trade? thanks guys! see you tonight =)

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I usually dont trade my packs, Ive collected about most of the cards i need, unless i get an urge for something but i usually get it that night.



Currently Trading

Genesect EX 13 packs

Heatran 3 Packs

Black kyurem EX 3 packs

Kyurem Ex 4 packs

Dialaga EX 3 packs

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Busy day It seems, Thanks to everyone for helping me Help them! enjoy your cards =)



Dialaga EX 3 packs

Black kyurem 3 packs

Genesect Ex 13 packs or Muti Ex trade

White Kyurem 3 packs

Heatran Ex 3 packs

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Hello! I'm quite over stocked and it's hard to get anything new if the current cards are not moved soon.


Trade update

Heatran ex 3 packs

Dialga 4 packs

Genesect 13 packs

kyurem (pb) 4 packs

palkia 4 packs

rayquazza 4 packs

white kyurem ex 3 packs


Just send a reply and a friend request and add what packs you would like to trade and ill send you an offer or just get them off the trading market. Mind you i only have one copy of each card right now so it's first come first serve .. happy hunting! - Hijaro

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Hi!Good morning! been a busy week hope you all are staying warm it's getting cold! It's weird that you guys find me online and don't reply here your making me sound like i'm just talking to myself haha. I want to trade my last 2 EX's before i try to get more stock so someone help me out. This is what i have left to trade.


Current trades

White Kyurem EX 2 packs (Discounted)

Dialaga EX 3 packs Or 2 packs + rare (Discounted)

I only have one of each so first come first serve .. but remember there always on the market so make sure u get them while they are up!

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  • 2 years later...

sorry for the late response, but no i don't. i had one back in november of 2014.
hey again It's me! wow so much to trade today. see you guys online =)

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Been a busy 3 years? .. welcome home


The guy that got his question answered hasn't been online in 2 years... lol

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