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PTCGO Testing with [REMOVED]


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Hello everyone,



My name is Nitemare, i am very new to Pokemon TCG (just started in June) From [REMOVED] and am currently looking for a few peeps that are willing to spend a few nights testing the new format. I got the basics down, just need to tweak up my decks and strategies and get used to battling other meta decks. I currently have two variations of a TDK plasma deck and a Darkrai/Garb deck. Since im new i don't reallt have any friends that i can test with besides the few people at my league on Saturdays.



What I'm Looking For:

I am looking for a few people that have ATLEAST 2 (already built) meta game decks for this season (NXD-on) and that are willing to play test on PTCGO a few days a week throughout the season.

You must be able to use the voice chat program [REMOVED] and have a mic. I have my own [REMOVED] server and the reason i say "must have" is because i want to be able to chat while battling so we can communicate and discuss strategies,

card combos, etc. I use my [REMOVED] server for other games so that's why i don't use ***** or any other program.



If youre interested please PM me with the decks you have, times you can test, and any further questions you may have.




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Hello nitemaresb.


In order to protect the safety and privacy of all players, sharing personal information is not permitted. As this would require the exchange of private information and contact outside of the game, we cannot allow this. If you would like to read more about this rule, please head over to the Official Forum Code of Conduct.


I will be closing this thread now.


Thanks for your understanding!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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