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unspoken rules of the PTCGO


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just some unsaid rules/etiquette that I've noticed over the time I've played the game, can't say I'm a fan of most of them:


1. people say gg(short for good game i believe) at the end of every game, regardless of whether its really a good game

2. when people tell you they have a card you're looking for, you can ask them to pm you and do the offers as opposed to you doing all of that

3. you're apparently not allowed to use ex cards in novice matches despite the game allowing you to do so.

4. gravybeast's list is the bible to card value

5. you're apparently not allowed to concede games despite the game allowing you to do so. (yes I know its been discussed so often but i'm just including it because its relevant, we probably don't have to go into another argument on that here)

6. if you want to do serious trading, the Trading Post chat lobby is the worse place to go

7. as a beginner, its acceptable to beg on public chat lobbies and demand help from others by any means necessary (spam/caps/etc)

8. if you pulled something good from a pack you are obliged to announce it in chat with caps even if you have no intention of trading it.

9. "binder up"only means the person has tagged their stuff for trade, it doesn't mean they tagged stuff they want


there are some that I do like however

1. the friendly glhf/ hi at the beginning of random matches

2. people are apparently very patient with beginners most of the time (can't say I've had as much patience as a lot of those other people)

3. majority players are actually really decent

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I think this is very good rules for Everyone but 1 of them is false the one about concede you can concede even in real life it means give up which everyone should be able to say and accomplish so good work

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yes its apparently something that bothers a lot of people and created various threads on the forums. WHICH IS WHY, we're not gonna talk about that again over here

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for your reference


P.S. the censored areas is supposed to say "conceding games!" with a "-" in between instead of a space, why they would want to censor this is beyond me

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